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Make Decisions About Your Social Life, Career, and Leisure Activities and See What You Can Accomplish!

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people simulation

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

Better than average but has some noticeable flaws.


  • You choose the path that your character follows.
  • Make decisions regarding your career and social life.
  • Allows you to control your character without having to take care of every single detail.


  • No animation, only text and pictures.
  • Game starts fairly slow with limited options.
  • Can become boring quickly from repetition.




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Game Description

See What You Can Accomplish in 10 Years - What Will You Become?

"It's 6:20 PM on April 14, 2006. You are 20 years old and single. You live alone in a small flat in Greenville, a quiet, unremarkable town. Somehow you left school without any qualifications to speak of, and you have a dead end job that doesn't have much of a future.

What are you going to do with your life? What will you have achieved by your 30th birthday?"


So begins Kudos!

Very Fun Life Simulation

In this addicting life simulation game, you control all aspects of your character's life - social, economic, career, leisure activities, and more - for a ten year period in the prime of life.

As you probably know, decisions in real life are often hard, and always have consequences, for better or worse.

What if you could try a few things out in a game first, with no real-life consequences? Woulda, coulda, shoulda - ever wondered what might have happened if you'd made different choices?

With Kudos, now you can find out!

Extremely Realistic Gameplay

Just as in reality, to be successful playing Kudos you'll need to balance personal relationships, work responsibilities, and all the other aspects of life you might encounter!

Choose your friends well and make sure to spend time together or you could lose them. Go out to restaurants, movies, the opera, even bars!

Build your friendships and earn kudos points to meet even more interesting people. You'll find yourself rooting for your character to succeed in life!

Live the Life You've Always Wanted!

Money, cars, clothing, jewelry, fame, love - no prospect is shut to you in Kudos!

Tired of that $13,000 a year job as a waiter?

  • Go to night school for a while & get an education
  • Become a surgeon
  • Become a lawyer
  • Become a businessperson
  • Be an entertainer
  • Or almost anything else

In Kudos, it's all up to you!

What Will You Do Today?

You can even choose to make small, daily decisions like how to get to work, what to buy at stores, and whether to go jogging or not.

Each decision you make will affect your character's personality attributes, job performance, and social life, so choose wisely!

Lots of Options and Great Replay Value!

Kudos includes incredible depth of gameplay, so no single game you play will be like any other. There are so many ways to play the game that you'll want to explore them all!

Play mini-games to increase your character's intelligence, shop for all kinds of products to make life better.

The objective of the game is up to you - gain as much wealth as you can, make as many friends as you can, or get the best job you can find . . . or do it all at once!


Choose your character's image and appearance. Enable advanced backdrops, weather effects, music, and autosave. You can play on easy, normal, or hard difficulty for the best possible game experience, so give Kudos a try.

With Kudos, all the doors in life are open - will you have the courage to walk through?  Download Kudos now and find out!

Kudos Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Mick

Kudos is a life simulation game that lets you control the choices your character makes. Your job, your training and what you do with your free time is all up to you. Interaction with your character and others is minimal since you make the choice and then you are only told the result. You will experience ten years in the life of your character. People simulation enthusiasts will enjoy this game to a certain extent, but will likely become bored quickly.

Getting Started

You begin the game with either a short tutorial or just jumping straight into the action. Either way there are tips and hints throughout the game. You will only be able to select from the pre-made characters, so there is no customization. You start out as a waiter making a minimal salary, but you can take night classes to become whatever you want from a rock star to a lawyer. You will also need to maintain friendships, clean your house and take care of yourself. You will experience your character age from 20 to 30 and hopefully achieve the goals you set.


Fairly Easy to Learn

Controls in the game are very simple to learn either through the tutorial or trial and error. The mouse controls everything since you will only be making the decisions and not performing the actions. The game is entirely text based, so when you decide to go out to the bar you won't see it but you are given a summation of the events (how it went, new friends, your mood, etc).

Smart Use of Limited Money is Key

You will earn money every day you work that you can spend however you want. There are a few activities that are free but most others will cost money. Going out to dinner, going shopping or night school are all examples of activities that cost money. While shopping you can purchase items that will help improve your life such as games that improve your IQ or exercise equipment to make you more healthy. To receive the gains from these purchases you have to select them as your free time activities.

Minimal Sound and Graphics, Emphasis on What Your Character Does

Graphics really don't contribute to this game since it is largely text based. Background pictures and the profile pictures of your friends are the only real graphics in the game. There is also very minimal sound to the game. The lack of much sound and graphics leaves the game feeling empty.


Repetition May Sink This Game For Some

While there are plenty of choices to make the game can quickly become repetitive, especially in the beginning. When you don't have much money all of the activities are out of reach. Even when you can do a variety of things the results are still exactly the same. A lot of people will become bored quickly with this game. Even the hardcore people simulation gamers might get bored with the lack of interaction.

Conclusion - Lots of Options For Your Character But May Get Repetitive Too Quickly

While Kudos does an okay job of making a people simulation game, the lack of interaction will put most people off. If you do enjoy this type of game there are plenty of options and paths to follow as your character progresses. Players of any age could understand and pick up the game easily. There are probably better options out there, but if you are a fan of these games you can try the download and see if you like it, but don't expect too much.

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Gameplay Video

Watch scenes from the game including character creation, choosing friends, daily decisions, night class choices, and more.

 Video of game play for Kudos


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