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Construction Destruction

Be the Boss of Your Own Construction Company and Build and Demolish With Heavy Equipment!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

Better than average but has some noticeable flaws.


  • Realistic simulation draws you into the game
  • Puts you in the driver's seat of five different construction machines
  • Different modes provide a variety of gameplay experiences
  • Ten unique and realistic missions to complete


  • Some machines have fairly complex controls
  • Game can be challenging even on the easiest difficulty
  • Money and reputation earned in the game have no use
  • Limited Free Play Mode




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Game Description

Build 'em up, tear 'em down: You're the Boss with Construction Destruction!

A top construction simulation game, Construction Destruction puts you at the controls of ten tons of heavy machinery!

Get in the driver's seat of seven mammoth machines, from earth movers and dump trucks to cranes with wrecking balls.


Take contracts to build, demolish, and transport buildings and materials. Bank a river, prepare a landscaping site, do whatever it takes to get the job done, but be careful - flatten an extra house or two along the way and you'll be in big trouble!

Build your very own construction empire

You're starting from the ground floor, so there's nowhere to go but up! Keep your projects on-time and under budget and your star will rise in the construction industry.

Push your big rigs to the limits, because for each job you complete you're judged on speed, safety, accuracy, and reputation.

The better job you do, the more money you make. Avoid too many mistakes though, because wasted time and materials could cost you the contract. Keep the profits flowing to become a true construction tycoon!

Easy to learn, easy to play: great for all ages!

The wide appeal of Construction Destruction makes it entertaining for kids and adults alike. Even if they're too young to understand the more complicated business aspects of the game, kids simply love operating the big rigs! Cranes, dump trucks, wrecking balls - these are the machines that fascinate children.

At the same time, Construction Destruction also offers much for adults to like.

As a simulation, it strives for and achieves a realistic and accurate recreation of the construction industry, not only in the actual operation of heavy machinery but also in the financial and contractual sides to the game. Construction Destruction includes multiple levels of depth, complexity, and fun!

Realistic graphics and physics give life to the construction world!

In addition to the seven playable machines, Construction Destruction offers a 3D world of nine large construction environments.

Each machine is animated with in-game physics which deliver the look and feel of their real-life counterparts. Both machines and environments are illustrated with graphics that immerse you in the world of Construction Destruction!

Three unique modes means triple the fun

The career mode in Construction Destruction allows you to put your business management skills to the test. Take on projects, completing them on-time and within budget to become a construction tycoon. However, you must keep your machines in control and your temper in check or you'll pay the price for a botched job.

When you decide to look for a more relaxed experience, switch over to free roam mode, where you have unlimited time to build anything and destroy anything! Carefully construct an intricately designed building, or go crazy with the wrecking ball. It's all up to you, because you hold the world in your hands!

Construction Destruction also includes a comprehensive training mode so you can easily familiarize yourself with all the game's concepts and machine operations.


Whether you're a fan of simulations, a construction worker, or have no experience with either, Construction Destruction might just be the game you're looking for. Get the (wrecking) ball rolling and download Construction Destruction!

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Construction Destruction Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Brandon

Construction Destruction is a realistic simulation game that puts you in the driver's seat of a variety of different construction machines. Transporting dirt and gravel, digging holes for a foundation, lifting heavy equipment, demolishing buildings, you'll do it all in this game as you work through the ten unique missions. Looking for something more relaxing? A Free Play Mode lets you do what you want with whatever machine you want. This game is a good choice for all the construction enthusiasts out there.

Appeals to Your Destructive Tendencies

In Construction Destruction, you take control of a variety of vehicles to accomplish realistic tasks. For example, one mission has you using a bulldozer to tear down a small garage damaged by a hurricane. You need to tear down the garage and place the debris in a certain area. Not only that, but you've got to do with without damaging the nearby house or pool.


Whether you succeed in the mission is based on your performance in several areas. Speed, safety, and accuracy all determine how well you do. You need to complete the mission as quickly as possible with as little collateral damage as you can manage to earn the most cash and successfully complete your missions.

Realistic Missions

There are a total of ten different missions to tackle in the game. Each mission is a unique job in a different location. You'll be given several different vehicles to use throughout these missions. One mission gives you the objectives of hauling dirt and gravel with a dump truck. Another has you placing air conditioners on the roof on a building with a crane. Every mission has a realistic goal and machine you need to accomplish that goal.

Game Modes

Construction Destruction offers three different modes of play: Training Mode, Career Mode, and Free Play Mode. The Training Mode teaches you the basics of moving and using the five different vehicles you use throughout the Career and Free Play modes. The Career Mode has you take on ten different missions from helping construct buildings to demolishing them. You earn money for successfully completing your jobs and not causing unwanted damage. However, this money serves no real purpose in the game.

The Free Play Mode lets you choose a level and vehicle to do whatever you want. The ability and freedom to do what you want is a nice option, but is still fairly limited. You are confined to a small area on each level, and can only destroy some buildings or structures.


Another issue is the level of difficulty in the game. While there are three difficulty options offered that range from easy to hard, the game can be challenging even on the easy difficulty. For example, one mission requires you to dig a hole that is 1.5 meters deep in a given area. While the easy difficulty will allow you to be successful with a slower time and lower accuracy, properly digging the hole is still no small feat. On top of that, it's easy to fall into a hole or flip over a machine and become stuck, requiring you to start over.

Controls Can Be Complex

The controls in Construction Destruction can range from extremely simple to terribly complex, depending on which machine you are using. The dump truck has only a few simple controls to move and dump dirt/gravel. The excavator is more challenging with controls not only for movement, but moving two different parts of the arm, the bucket, and rotation the cab. Using all of these together and correctly can be a difficult challenge. Additionally, the game doesn't do a good job of teaching or introducing these controls to you. You're left to look them up yourself (even in the Training Mode). The one bright spot is that they are easy to find and customize in the game menus.

Realistic Game Physics

Construction Destruction generally does a good job when it comes to the presentation. All of the vehicles look and function realistically. You actually create holes and hills as you move dirt around. There are several camera options provided that let you see all the action from far away or sit right in the driver's seat. The sounds are authentic and the vehicles even have a radio with several channels to provide music if you need something to listen to. You can even hear the trees snap as you run them over.

The biggest downside when it comes to the presentation is the lack of detail for environments. While it isn't game-breaking, it would have been nice to have more detail in the buildings, ground, trees, etc.

Reputation Doesn't Matter

The grading of your work in missions and the effect it has on your reputation add some replay value to the game, but not much. There's no real reason to go back and redo missions, since reputation and money don't benefit you at all in the game. Additionally, the Free Play Mode doesn't offer enough to do to keep you around for a long time. In the end, this game probably won't last much longer than the time it takes you complete all of the missions (although that is still a good deal of time).


Conclusion - A Good Fit For Construction Fans

Construction Destruction is a game that would be a good choice for players who are really into construction and want a realistic simulation for that experience. This game will place you in control of authentic machines as you tackle missions ranging from digging a hole for a building's foundation to demolishing damaged buildings.

There are a few issues like complex controls or a high level of difficulty, but if you are truly interested in the construction theme it shouldn't be a huge problem. For anyone else, this game probably isn't the best choice for you.

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Gameplay Video

Player created video showing a mission completed with the dump truck, bulldozer, and excavator.

 Video of game play for Construction Destruction


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Fast Facts

  1. Construction Destruction was released on August 30, 2003.
  2. This game was developed by the Indianapolis-based company of Gabriel Entertainment.
  3. Other games produced under the Gabriel Entertainment flag include the Robot Arena series, Super Stunt Spectacular, and the John Deere series of vehicle simulators.
  4. Construction Destruction is only available for Windows systems.
  5. This game has been downloaded over one hundred-thousand times off of CNET alone.

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