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Xpand Rally

Drive powerful rally cars amidst photorealistic sceneries!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Realistic damage adds challenge to the game.
  • Easy arrow key controls and your choice of automatic, semi automatic or manual transmissions.
  • LAN multiplayer for racing against friends


  • No physical contact between cars while racing.




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Game Description

Editor's Update (10/29/14) - This is an older game but you can find a digital download, full version at Steam

Rally car heaven!

Xpand Rally is a breathtaking game with photorealistic scenery and great driving physics. Realistic weather effects, rolling hills, and animated scenery all add to the game's visual achievement. The game even features realistic "damage" to your car. Good luck driving with that broken windshield.


Not only does Xpand Rally look good, it plays good and alot of fun. Race through the various courses to earn money and upgrade your car for better performance. Buying fancy parts isn't enough though. You need to learn how to tweak your uprades to propel yourself to victory in each race.

Realistic physics

If you want realism, start up the game in Simulation mode. Careful driving will be necessary, the physics of the game respond to all kinds of impacts and oversteering. Tone it down a notch with Arcade mode if you just want to get used to the game and not worry about every little mistake you make at the wheel.

If you love rally racing and want a break from the crowded speedways, Xpand Rally is highly recommended. Try the free download version of the game and enjoy!

Xpand Rally Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Mick

Xpand Rally is a driving simulation game that allows you to step behind the wheel of a rally car and race through the dirt and snow at high speeds. The more realistic driving simulation games, like Xpand Rally, are distinguished from average racing games by their attention to detail. Things such as realistic damage and fine tuned steering help create a more realistic driving experience.

Basic and Advanced Modes Depending on Your Skill Level

Xpand Rally offers two settings, arcade and simulation mode. The arcade mode has all the features of the simulation mode but is just scaled back to create a beginner mode for those just starting. The main differences between modes are in the damage and handling. These are reduced in the arcade mode to less realistic standards so you don't destroy your car in the first hundred yards of track.


For the simulation mode the attention to detail is phenomenal. Every part of the rally car can be damaged, including the engine and driver. These damages affect the performance of your car so making sure you don't run into walls is essential to winning races. The damage to the car shows through amazingly in the well done graphics.

Multiplayer Rally Racing!

Xpand Rally also offers multiplayer capability over the Internet and local area network (LAN) connections. The Internet multiplayer seemed to lack other players but if friends have the game it would be an excellent way to connect and play. You have two options to start, you can host or join a game that someone else has made for multiplayer action.

Upgrade Your Cars

Along with realistic racing there is an extensive assortment of upgrades and cars to be purchased. Once purchased each car can have all the upgrades your heart desires. Upgrades provide enhanced handling, more horsepower and of course more speed. Most upgrades are pricey so you will more than likely have to repeat a few races to save up enough money to buy upgrades to compete in the next race.


One Problem With the Realism

For an advanced driving simulation Xpand Rally does miss one key element of racing, the other racers. While racing only one other racer is ever seen and it is more of a ghost car because you can drive right through it. Taking out physical contact with the other cars removes a lot of the challenge of racing since you all share the same track and have to avoid each other.

Conclusion - Great Attention to Detail Make This a Winner

If Xpand Rally were summed up, attention to detail would be the best way to describe this game. The graphics are amazing and the driving realism has been carefully made to reflect the best driving simulators out there. With all the cars and upgrades available, Xpand Rally will keep you entertained for as many hours as you care to invest.

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