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Super Stunt Spectacular

Live out your crowd pleasing, daredevil dreams in this crazy stunt game!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Lots of jumps and obstacles for a unique stunt driver experience.
  • Map editor lets you design your own arena for stunts.
  • Plenty of vehicles to choose from including a school bus and a Humvee.


  • Vehicles are difficult to control.
  • Vehicle gets stuck often.




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Game Description

Street driving is for grannies

You're a stunt man. You do the dirty work the pretty boys won't...and can't!


Start your career as a backyard thrillseeker and climb all the way to the top of the Hollywood blockbuster A list in career mode. The more stunts you ace, the more reputation points you get for bigger and better challenges.

Daredevils only

Leave gravity and common sense behind as you grab your helmet, strap in behind the wheel, and rocket yourself through professional stunt courses riddled with death-defying challenges. Flaming hoops, pools of boiling acid, and vats of burning gasoline all await you. Thrill audiences from county fairs to Hollywood movie sets - the laws of physics are the only things holdin' you back!

Super Stunt Spectacular Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Mick

Driving through hoops of fire, jumping over giant vats of acid, weaving through crates of TNT. While this may sound intense, it's “just another day at the office” in Super Stunt Spectacular. Start out small and work your way up to bigger and badder jumps as you progress through your career as a professional stunt driver. Unlock new vehicles and arenas as a reward for outstanding performances.

Show Off

Stunts are performed in an arena setting. You are given a set amount of time to complete as many stunts as you possibly can. Each level has a required number of points you must collect to unlock the next level. Points are gathered by doing jumps and performing various stunts. The points are in the arena as coins, each coin has a point value on it. The harder the stunt the more points the coins are worth. You can jump through hoops of fire, over crates of TNT, and across vats of acid. For ground stunts you can drive through mud, weave through burning barrels, knock over bales of hay and more.


Other “pickups” are also available on the ground like speed boost and repair. Picking up a speed boost gives you a sudden burst of speed making it possible to complete some of the more challenging jumps. Repair pickups fix the damage caused during your stunts so you can continue wreaking havoc on the stunt course.

You Can Make a Career Out of This

There are two modes of gameplay, career and practice. In career mode you progress through the various courses. Each course's time limit and required points varies and gets more difficult as you move forward. When you complete each level in career mode you are awarded “skill points”. Skill points can then be used to unlock various items for the game, such as vehicles or pickups. Unlockable vehicles, like the school bus, are a fun way to extend this game's playability. Practice mode allows you to run through the career mode arenas and hone your skills so that you can max out your score in career mode.

Design Your Own Arenas and Stupid Stunts

On top of the normal modes, there is also a map editor. The map editor can be used to make your own unique arenas. Customizing the maps is easy, all the jumps and obstacles are preset. All you need to do is lay them out however you want and you'll be racing on your own custom arenas in no time. Being able to make your own maps means even after you have mastered the career mode, you can continue to challenge yourself in any way you can imagine.


Controls Aren't the Greatest

Driving can be erratic and difficult. While driving around the arena, your car will spin out at seemingly random times. A lack of control can make it difficult to line up jumps and you can even end up missing the point coins if you aren't aimed properly. On top of steering issues, your car can become stuck and does quite regularly. Getting stuck between jumps or on top of barrels requires you to reset your car costing valuable time. It wouldn't be a big issue if it weren't for the frequency at which this occurs.

Conclusion - Try This At Home

Performing stunts that would put even the best stunt drivers to shame is just the beginning in Super Stunt Spectacular. You will be preforming jumps over the most dangerous obstacles imaginable and living to tell about it. With the simple controls anyone can play this game and everyone will love it. The large amount of game content as well as the map editor will have you playing this game for as long as you can handle the intense action.

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