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Wonderland Secret Worlds

Use teamwork and up to 4 characters to pass 100 very fun levels. A unique mix of puzzle solving and aracde action!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
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Game Description

A magical storm has blown into Wonderland and swept away the little Stinkers and it is up to you to rescue them!

A true puzzle game with extremely fun obstacles!


Wonderland Secret Worlds is a fantastic improvement on the incredibly fun original Wonderland game. You guide your character through a maze, moving obstacles, making bridges, stepping on switches, rolling boulders, riding conveyors and more to collect keys and get to the exit.

You will have a great time sending your character Stinky on icy tracks that shoot him around the game board to his goal. Rolling boulders are also a blast since they can break through crates, destroy bad guys, and stack on one another to form bridges. There are many more obstacles that are just as fun to use in the game.

Play as more than 1 character and use team work to beat the levels

As you move through the 100 unique levels, you will find more characters to help you. Switch back and forth between these characters and they can help each other solve each maze. This is something you don't see in many games and is really an ingenious part of the game.

Not only are the characters fun, the mazes themselves are very well done with obstacles and fun puzzles I have never seen before in other games. The originality of this game is just fantastic!

You might get this game for your kids and find yourself playing more than they do!

Many people have said they bought the Wonderland games for others (like their children) but found themselves getting hooked! These are games that challenge the minds of all ages of people. Anyone can have a great time trying to move the right obstacles and take the right path to the finish. Finally a fun game that builds your brain cells too!


Here are some of the unique features you will find in Wonderland Secret Worlds:

  • Roll boulders, move glass prisms, explode powder kegs and make bridges to get the keys on each level
  • Use transporters properly to warp to different parts of the board
  • Dodge chomping teeth, UFOs, Rainbow Spirits and many more fun bad guys.
  • Find your friends Qookie and Peegue to help Stinky and Loof get through the levels
  • Find several secret/hidden levels!

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