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Wonderland Adventures

Wonderland Adventures presents all new puzzles and challenges while traveling through this fun and mysterious land!

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wonderland series

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Huge selection of puzzles to tackle
  • Unique and challenging puzzle mechanics
  • Powerups make your character more powerful and add a new dimension to puzzles
  • Engaging storyline drives gameplay
  • Customize the appearance of your character


  • Have to redo entire levels when you mess up or fail
  • Puzzle length and difficulty can be frustrating




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Game Description

A new & unique Wonderland game experience

Wonderland Adventures returns you to the magical world of Wonderland for an all-new puzzle adventure. Once again, the safety of Wonderland is threatened, and it is up to you to save the day. Featuring entirely re-designed gameplay mechanics, puzzle elements, 3D visuals, and more. This is Wonderland like you've never seen before.


While playing Wonderland Adventures, you will experience:

A Compelling Adventure Story

Explore the vast world of Wonderland, meet and interact with other characters, go on adventures, learn to use magic, and encounter new surprises around every corner.

Captivating music and colorful worlds

Wonderland Adventures features all new 3D Visuals that will transport you into the world of Wonderland like never before. A symphonic musical score by Jonne Valtonen and delightful sound and voice effects add to fun adventure.

Unique and Varied Level Design


Your brain will be stretched as you travel through Wonderland's many mazes and puzzles. Your adventures are as varied as rescuing wee Stinkers, retrieving magical items, or learning to outwit enemies like Scritters, Thwarts, Dragonturtles, and more.

If you loved the original Wonderland games and are searching for something unlike many other games out there, download Wonderland Adventures and give it a try!

Wonderland Adventures Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Brandon

Wonderland Adventures is a thrilling and unusual mix of RPG and puzzle elements. You can create and customize your own character. Discover the reasons behind the mysterious occurrences taking place in Wonderland and take on a wide variety of puzzles and enemies. You'll find your wit and reflexes put to the test like never before.

Create a Character and Get Puzzle Solving

You start the game by creating or selecting a character. The characters in Wonderland Adventures are round and yellow with large eyes and mouths. They could best be described as Smileys with arms and legs. If you choose to create a character, you can change features such as height and width, voice, and clothing.


Game Helps You Learn How to Play

After you have selected or created your character, you begin your adventure and are introduced to the basics of movement through helpful tips. You'll also be walked through a few early puzzles with other characters to provide guidance if needed. Once you've finished, your journey through Wonderland will begin.

Wide Range of Puzzles

The settings and levels in Wonderland Adventures are numerous and diverse. Traverse environments ranging from the sewers to frozen mountains and forbidden forests. You'll not only find a huge variety of environments awaiting you, but a plethora of obstacles and enemies that stand between you and your goal. You'll need to overcome doors and barriers that can only be opened with switches or keys, ice that will make you slide uncontrollably, bouncing spiked balls, fire-breathing plants, moving platforms, and even more wild obstacles and enemies.

If that isn't daunting enough, there are various powerups throughout the game that introduce even more strategy and complexity. Abilities that allow you to freeze enemies and create paths over water or teleport from one spot to another ratchet up the challenge and fun of puzzles.

Easy Controls, Tough Puzzles

Simple point-and-click controls are such that anyone can easily learn the basics and play the game. However, the difficulty of the puzzles you come across is another story. While they start out fairly simple, puzzles quickly become more challenging and complex. You'll find little help or hints in the game, and it can be frustrating if you get stuck. Additionally, if you make mistakes or fail on a puzzle you'll have to restart it from the very beginning. This can add to the frustration as puzzles grow longer and require a large time to get back to where you were, or if you make simple mistakes that force you to start over. However, there are a few solutions or options available to you. There are many optional levels that can simply be skipped. The official game website also provides video walkthroughs that can be helpful if stuck. As a last resort, you can also use a cheat code to automatically complete a level.

It Even Has a Story

Wonderland Adventures also includes a fairly robust and engaging storyline to compliment the exciting gameplay. Mysterious creatures are appearing and events occurring in Wonderland, and seem to be connected somehow with a magical gem you've found. Similar gems have been appearing all over. You'll need to work fast to collect these all of these gems and piece together what's going on and why.


Cartoony 3D graphics and sound effects add the perfect touch to Wonderland Adventures without being distracting or detracting from the gameplay. A symphonic musical score helps set the mood for each level. They won't blow you away, but they're a good addition to the game.

Conclusion - A Great Brain Workout

Wonderland Adventures is an excellent game for any serious puzzle player, and still worth a try for anyone else. While the difficulty can be frustrating at times, the walkthroughs and cheats provided can be used as a last resort in those situations. Aside from that, the diversity and variety of puzzle mechanics and enemies is incredible. You'll face new and unique challenges that you would never expect. Create your own character and unravel the mysteries of Wonderland with an engaging story you won't want to end. Wonderland Adventures brings something for everyone.

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