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Wheel of Fortune

Take the Wheel for a spin solving a myriad of puzzles just like on TV!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Mimics the televised game show nicely.
  • Puzzles are creative and challenging.
  • Fun prizes and differing rounds like Jackpot and Mystery.


  • Only one difficulty.
  • No multiplayer mode.
  • No announcer




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Game Description

Take the Wheel for a spin in the online edition of Wheel of Fortune. Get ready to play at home and enjoy the same great game you see on TV! At home you only get to see maybe 4 puzzles and have to endure all the commercials.

In this game, you will get immediate gratification as you get to play 1 of 2,000 puzzles!


You will pick a consonant or vowel, just like on the TV show and win money as you uncover the hidden letters. Be careful not to be too greedy though or you might spin onto BANKRUPT or LOSE A TURN!

Enjoy a variety of catagories such as Place, People, Same Name, Before & After, etc. You control the power of the spin and are given the chance to solve the puzzles and win the game! Are you ready to take the Wheel for a spin with Pat and Vanna?

Wheel of Fortune Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

If you are a fan of Wheel of Fortune or if you love word games, this might be the perfect fit for you. This is a puzzle solving game that has you spinning the wheel to solve more that 2,000 possible puzzles. You are bound to find something you love in this game, even if you don't have the commentary of Pat Sajak or the letter flipping abilities of Vanna White.

Based on the TV Game Show

For those unfamiliar with Wheel of Fortune the premise is relatively simple. You are a contestant on a hangman-like show and you need to solve puzzles. Spinning the wheel (varying dollar amounts) establishes what the letters you find are worth, but be careful not to land on “bankruptcy” or “lose a turn.” Once you've spun, you guess a consonant that you suspect to be in the puzzle. If you are correct you are rewarded with the amount of money you spun, if you are wrong your turn is over. Also, you can purchase vowels at anytime for $250 a guess. Each round brings about a new category and if you successfully make it through the first three, you are rewarded with a fast action and high reward bonus round.


Lots of Letter Guessing

The initial rounds of this game are all pretty simple and nearly identical to each other. You will be given five turns to solve the puzzles and make money. This game does not have any competitors (not even computer players) so all the pressure is on you. You won't have people competing for the prizes, nor will you have them guessing letters helping you figure out the puzzle. If you correctly answer all three of the first puzzles you move on to the final bonus round, which is your best chance to earn a lot of money.

Again, the bonus round is nearly identical to the game show. In this round, consonants and vowels are selected ahead of time, before you have any idea what the puzzle is. If your guesses are correct the right letters flip and you have 20 seconds to solve the remainder of the puzzle. This can be extremely difficult if you don't give yourself much help guessing the right answers, however, if you guess right you can earn some serious prizes. The prizes for the bonus round vary in denomination, averaging 25,000 points. Successfully answering the bonus increases your winnings substantially.

No Pat Sajak

Despite the good qualities of the game, a few drawbacks do exist. The most noticeable, especially if you are a fan of the game show, is not having Pat Sajak. As you may know, Pat Sajak, the host of Wheel of Fortune, adds such a great dynamic to the show. Playing without his voice or commentary is actually weird and can be distracting.


No Difficulty Settings

The other major issues of the game are not having multiple difficulties or a multiplayer mode. Having only one difficulty makes this game limiting, especially for younger players. The lack of multiplayer also limits the game, as you will only be competing against yourself, rather than friends or online. Better multiplayer would bring about a new level of competition that would only improve the game.

Conclusion - Take This One for a Spin!

Overall, Wheel of Fortune is a fun word game that challenges you to think on your feet and guess letters wisely. Regardless of whether or not you are a fan of the game show, this game is fun and is the perfect game for anyone interested in word games. Despite not having the beautiful commentary of Pat Sajak or a multiplayer mode, this game is a heap of fun and is highly recommended.

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