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Teddy Factory

Assemble teddy bears in a race against time to help kids in an orphanage!

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Game Description

Cute and Cuddly Fun at the Teddy Factory!

Teddy Factory is ready to use your matching and sorting skills for a good cause! You persuade the new owner of the factory to take any extra bears you make to the local orphanage to make kids happy. Now it is up to you to deliver on your promise and make as many bears and other stuffed animals as you can!

In the Teddy Factory are assembly lines of stuffed animal parts you must assemble into completed toys. Match the correct colored arms, legs, bodies and heads to complete the bears. Complete enough bears and you are on to the next level, new toys, and a higher rank in the business.


Watch for Special Animals and Powerups

Every now and then special animal parts will appear. Put them all together to create a unique stuffed animal for the trophy room. Other special items will also appear on some levels to help you complete animals quicker, slow down the assembly line, and more.

So how many bears can you make? Work your way up to the top of the company and make a lot of orphans happy!

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