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Talismania Deluxe

Connect magical talismans to build up wealth and defeat legendary monsters from ancient Greece!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Two modes that let you play at your own pace or race against the clock
  • Buildings and structures are built based on your score on each level
  • Colorful and cartoony graphics
  • Simple but challenging


  • Can be difficult to earn higher scores, better buildings
  • Repetitive




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Game Description

King Midas Needs Your Help!

King Midas needs your help! Everything he touches turns to gold -- food, drink? even his own daughter!


Travel back in time and help Midas break his golden curse in this dazzling puzzler. Connect magical talismans to build up wealth and battle legendary monsters from ancient Greece. Power-ups and bonus levels give you the edge you need to twist your way through 80 levels of fun!

Featuring fantastic graphics, addictive gameplay, and an original storyline, Talismania Deluxe is bursting with puzzling fun.

Talismania Deluxe Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Brandon

Greedy King Midas has accidentally transformed his daughter into a solid gold statue, and now the only way to save her is for Midas to spend money on others rather than himself.

King Midas and His Golden Touch

Talismania puts you in control of King Midas as you use magical talismans to create money and construct various buildings and landmarks. Your skill at creating money will determine the quality of the buildings, which you'll be able to see firsthand as you play the game. There are two different modes that let you either play at your own pace or race against the clock to finish your work before the day ends. This game is simple enough for anyone to learn and play, but still packs quite a challenge (especially in the timed mode). Colorful and cartoony graphics along with a strong Greek theme add to the enjoyment.


A New Take on the Classic "Pipes" Style Puzzle Game

On each level, you are presented with a hexagonal grid full of tiles, upon which two or more talismans are placed. Inside each tile is a section of pathway (like a pipe), and the player must rotate the tiles until the two talismans are linked together by these pathways. The length of the path determines how many points you get, as well as the next type of talisman to form. Longer paths reward more points and better talismans.

Once linked, all the tiles between the talismans transform into either bronze, silver or gold coins, depending on the type of talisman. The coins you earn are placed on a scale, which lists the number of coins the player has earned, and how many are needed to complete the level. The tiles then disappear, and more tiles fall into place to replace them. More talismans are placed on the grid, and the process repeats. Once you collect enough coins, the level is over and a new building is constructed.

Can Get Repetitive

While the game has a large number of levels to play through, there is little difference between them. Some levels will have more talismans than others, special tiles that give you bonuses if used, tiles that destroy other tiles if not used, and obstacles like boulders that take the place of a tile and block your path. However, very little really changes from level to level, which can make the game feel a bit repetitive as you continue to play.

At the end of each level, you see a different building or structure built based on your score. Collecting a lot of gold coins may create a gold statue, whereas more bronze coins would make the status bronze. Seeing these buildings built gives you a reason to really go for higher scores and improve your play.

2 Game Modes - Essentially Timed and Untimed

Talismania offers two modes of play: Story mode and Hero mode. Story mode is the normal gameplay that takes you through each level. Hero Mode is almost identical, but adds a timer. In this mode, you've got to race against the clock to collect all the coins you need. While the game does not offer difficulty settings, these two modes do give you a choice for an easier game or something far more challenging. You'll be able to advance and progress regardless of skill level in Story mode, while Hero mode offers something for more skilled and experienced players to take on.


Nice Greek Theme and Presentation

Another positive feature is the Greek theme present throughout the game. The colorful and cartoony graphics are full of Greek images from the characters to the buildings. Even the tiles and talismans fit in well with the theme. The music continues this trend and draws you into the game. The music makes a nice addition to the gameplay and is actually enjoyable to listen to. The presentation makes a good game even better.

Conclusion - A Well Crafted Game and Recommended For Those Who Enjoy These Types of Puzzles

Overall, Talismania is an exciting and unique puzzle game that anyone can play. Like most puzzle games, it can be a bit repetitive, but that is outweighed by the positives of the game. There are two different modes that let you play at your own pace or race against the clock. You see the results of your play with buildings created based off of your score. The game is fairly simple, but still provides an engaging challenge. A consistent and unique presentation adds atmosphere and makes this a game worthwhile for anyone to try.

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