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Sponge Bob Collapse

All the fun of the original Collapse game - now with Sponge Bob!

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Game Description

The award winning Super Collapse now features the crazy antics of Nickelodeon's Sponge Bob! Click on groups of like colored blocks to remove them from the game board. In this version of Collapse, special item blocks like jellyfish and bubbles will appear to help you clear lines quicker. Clear enough lines and you will advance to the next stage.

  • "It keeps us older folks active and interested in trying to solve the game before the game beats us. It is great to enhance keen minds in elders. The colors and the animation add fun dimension to our lives." - Mona M., Sponge Bob Collapse Player

This highly addictive and fun game also features bonus levels where you try to clear the screen of all the blocks before time runs out. If you can accomplish this feat, you will be rewarded with huge point bonuses. Sponge Bob Collapse is way too much fun!


Haven't played a Collapse game yet? This is a great one to try. Many non-gamers pick up Collapse games and absolutely love them for their simple game play and relaxing quality. A nice stress reliever after a hard day of work or school.

  • "I like the game, It's fun for all ages, I can rest assured that children won't be harmed by it. It's easy enough for young children, but still fun for me, a 45 year old sponge bob fan!" - Kim Cocco, Sponge Bob Collapse Player

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