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Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst

Explore Spooky Ravenhearst Mansion to Recover Pieces of a Diary That Unlock Its Secrets

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • New rooms revealed by completing unique and intricate puzzles to unlock doors.
  • 30+ rooms with clutter from floor to ceiling to search for hidden objects, offering hours of play time.
  • Elaborate door lock mechanisms that serve as challenging multi-part puzzles.
  • New objects to find each time a room is entered, offering valuable replay appeal.


  • Story line is not invigorating and does not capture and hold player attention.
  • Photo-based jigsaw puzzles at the end of each level are too simple.




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Game Description

A spooky theme and new puzzles!

Ravenhearst Manor has been the subject of all sorts of speculation in Blackpool, England. The Queen has now called on you to take the fragments of the recently discoverd Emma Ravenhearst diary and investigate the manor to unlock its secrets.

Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst is the 3rd game in the hit hidden picture game series. Investigate each room in the manor, locating the hidden objects and recovering fragments of the Ravenhearst diary.


Clever new puzzles and door locks impede your progress to new parts of the mansion. Open the locks through strategic clicking to find your way into new parts of the mansion. These lock puzzles are one of the best new features yet in the series.

Great sound effects keep you on your toes

Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst will sometimes have you looking over your shoulder to see what those footsteps are behind you, especially if you are wearing headphones. The sound effects are fantastic and really draw you in to the dark ambience of the manor. Every now and then a haunting voice will come out of nowhere, warning you about Ravenhearst.


At certain points in the game you will have to reconstruct pictures that reveal more of Emma's diary. These are vital puzzles that will unlock the history of Ravenhearst and keep you hooked until the very end and the surprises that await!

Who will like Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst:

  • Fans of hidden picture games
  • Those who enjoy solving mysteries
  • Puzzle gamers who enjoy a good story, excellent graphics, and unique types of puzzles (the new door locks especially)

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Sara

Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst promises an adventure through an eerily abandoned mansion but it only partially delivers such excitement. Searching through this mysterious manor to find clues about its past is less than invigorating as the objects your searching for have nothing to do with the story itself.

Picture Puzzles Aren't Very Intriguing

At the end of each level, an old photograph must be pieced together to reveal a diary entry of a young woman who used to reside in the manor. These picture-puzzles are too simple though, and the scene revealed is described in the diary entry that follows, negating the reward of finishing the level.


Fortunately Better Puzzles Await

However, the puzzles needed to unlock new rooms are very multi-dimensional and offer a one-of-a-kind challenge, possessing several interdependent elements such as hooking a fish to toss into a coin-slot machine that yields a coin to dispense to a fortune teller who provides the key.

The rooms themselves are well constructed and expertly camouflage hundreds of objects. With over thirty locations to play, Ravenhearst will certainly offer countless hours of object hunting.

Conclusion - A Solid Hidden Object Game

Although the lack of connection between story-line and hidden items is thin at best, the player who seeks excessive searching for hidden objects will be impressed by the many well designed rooms that offer new items to find each time they are played.

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