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Mystery Case Files: Huntsville

Strange things are happening in Huntsville and your detective skills are needed!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Well constructed backgrounds mask hidden objects effectively, proving a challenge to most players.
  • Over 20 different locations/scenes provide a wide variety of objects to find.
  • A combination of time limits and an increasing number of objects to find per level extends overall game play length.


  • Time limits readjust every level, often imposing less time to locate more items which can easily prove frustrating for the leisurely player.




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Game Description

The original hidden object mega-hit!

Did you ever play those games as a kid in Highlights or another games magazine where you tried to find hidden objects in a picture?

Mystery Case Files: Huntsville takes that same kind of object hunting fun and expands it into an extremely captivating pc game!


There has been a string of crimes in the small town of Huntsville and you have been called in to wield your excellent detective skills to solve the crime.

Each case will have you traveling to different Huntsville locations and gather clues at the scene of the crime. Gather enough clues, and you will be able to access the crime computer to reveal the criminal.

As you play Mystery Case Files, your powers of observation will be thoroughly tested. Scan each location carefully to find objects hidden in:

  • tapestries
  • wallpaper patterns
  • scattered on desks
  • in shelves
  • under tables
  • and in any other conceivable hiding place imaginable!

All items are in plain view, but finding them will be anything but simple!

Mystery Case Files - Huntsville is one of those ground breaking games that people will be playing for a long time. Featuring a unique type of game play, extremely well executed design, and fantastically vibrant graphics make this game an instant classic!


Some people think video games are harmful or have no real beneficial value, but I am sure if you have played Mystery Case Files and read some of the comments above you would disagree! I don't think I have ever heard of a computer game bringing more friends and family together to play than this one. There was:

  • Moms playing with sons and daughters
  • Grandparents playing with grandkids
  • Sisters playing with brothers
  • Even husbands playing with wives!

Mystery Case Files

  1. brings people together
  2. helps you become much more attentive to details
  3. offers a fantastic challenge
  4. and really stimulates your brain.

If only all games were this useful!

Mystery Case Files: Huntsville Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Sara

Mystery Case Files - Huntsville is a detective themed hidden object game that set the standard for the genre and kicked off numerous clones and sequels. 

The Game That Started the Hidden Object Craze

The game offers many locations to explore with cleverly hidden items that provide a challenge for most players. Readjusting time limits combined with finding more items increases the duration of the game beyond that of the average hidden objects game.


A Revised Object List Extends Replayability

Constant revisions to the objects list when you visit a location you've been to before provides hundreds of possible combinations that make repeat playing enjoyable. However, the plot line is simple and the levels are a bit redundant. The game offers no new ways to find or combine objects as the game progresses although the crime computer at the end of every case does add some different puzzles to solve.

While time limits do increase difficulty, they can prove imposing and frustrating to many users who find themselves out of hints and unable to locate every object before the clock stops.

Conclusion - A Hidden Object Classic

Despite this, Mystery Case Files Huntsville is a challenging and rewarding game, especially for the more active player who enjoys a race against time.

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Fast Facts

  1. Mystery Case Files: Huntsville was originally released on November 14, 2005.
  2. Huntsville was developed by Big Fish Studios.
  3. This is the very first game in the Mystery Case Files series. It currently has eight sequels, which includes Prime Suspects, Ravenhearst, Madame Fate, Return to Ravenhearst, Dire Grove, 13th Skull, Escape from Ravenhearst, and Shadow Lake. There are also three mobile games that are somewhat outside the main series; they include Agent X, MillionHeir, and The Malgrave Incident.
  4. Big Fish has a couple of hidden object adventure series to its name, including Hidden Expedition and Drawn.
  5. Mystery Case Files: Huntsville is available for the Mac and PC.
  6. Within the first three months of release, Huntsville had grossed over a million dollars.
  7. There have been over 100 million downloads for games and demos in the Mystery Case Files series.

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