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Super Gem Drop

Tetris style game play with fantastic sparkling gems!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Unique mix of match 3 action and Tetris style play
  • Unique challenge not found in other match 3 games
  • Good music and graphics to accompany the gameplay


  • Repetitive
  • No difficulty options




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Game Description

Editor's Update (10/28/14) - This is a very old game but you can still get a PC free trial download from Gamehouse or play the game for free online at Zylom

Tetris fans look out! Here comes an interesting variation with a hypnotic sound track. Drop gems from above into groups of 3 or more to make them disappear. Get bonus points for larger groupings and chain reaction matches. Match groups of white gems for the most bonus points.


The game has a few surprises. The random sparkling diamond will make all gems like the one it lands on to disappear. Also, the gems get a bit impatient. If you don't drop them, they will drop themselves!

Super Gem Drop Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Brandon

Super Gem Drop is a match 3 game that contains a unique mix between normal match 3 gameplay and Tetris. You drop gems on top of each other as you try to form groups of 3 or more and earn big points. The gameplay is unlike any other match 3 game, and will challenge you in ways not found in other games. You'll need to think and react quickly to come out on top in this game. Sharp graphics and a good selection of music make this a good basic match 3 experience.

Basic Gameplay

You jump right into the action in Super Gem Drop. You have a grid or box like that of Tetris, with some gems already in place. Above that is a horizontal line where new gems will form. You can move the gems along this line and drop them in any column of the grid you want. Each level has a certain number of gems that will form, and it's your goal to prevent the grid from completely filling up before they run out. You'll need to do this by making matches with the gems. Gems can only be matched in groups of three or more, and only when they're adjacent to each other.


To add to the challenge, the new gems that form throughout levels automatically drop by themselves after a short time. This means you need to position and drop them quickly or risk having them drop in a bad spot. If you can't drop gems because of a full grid, the game ends.

Difficulty Increases As you Go

While the size or layout of the grid never changes, the difficulty increases from level to level as you need to deal with more and more gems, gems dropping faster on their own, more gem types, and coal. Coal cannot be matched normally, but needs to be crushed into diamonds by stacking gems on top of it. Once the coal has become a diamond, it can then be matched.


One downside is that the little changes between levels makes the game fairly repetitive. Match 3 fanatics might not mind and it's not all that unusual for these types of games, while others may find themselves bored. Additionally, there are no options to adjust the difficulty. Easier difficulty settings or other modes could have been included to give less skilled players more time to react or make moves.

Easy to Learn

Learning the controls and how to play in Super Gem Drop is a simple task, and all the necessary information to get started is provided via visuals and text in the game's instructions. All actions are done with the mouse, and all you need to do to play is move the mouse to position gems and click the left mouse button to drop gems.


Sharp and Simple Graphics

The presentation in this game is well done. The graphics are all very sharp and colorful. Each gem has unique colors and appearance. The music provides something pleasing to listen to as you race to drop and match gems. They make a great addition to the simple and addictive match 3 gameplay.

Conclusion - Interesting Blend of Match 3 and Tetris is a Break From the Norm

Super Gem Drop is fairly basic match 3 game that contains a unique mix between normal match 3 gameplay and Tetris. This game brings a unique type of challenge that you won't find in other match 3 games. It also has good graphics and sounds to compliment the gameplay. However, the game has some issues that can put off players, like the repetitive nature or difficulty at later levels. If you're looking for a simple or basic match 3 game that's addictive and looks good, then give this game a try.

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