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Bejeweled Deluxe

Incredibly addictive, easy to play but tough to master Bejeweled is one of the best ever!

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Game Description

If you haven't experienced the game that made the Puzzle genre popular on the Internet - you must give Bejeweled a try!

Also knowns as "Diamond Mine", this game challenges your mind to think quick and make fast visual connections. Learn to think in completely new ways through this gem swapping puzzle game.


Bejeweled Deluxe is one of the most captivating puzzle games ever created. It is so simple to play - just arrange gems so they match with 2 or more of the same kind - but it is so much fun!!

  • "I think this game is great it helps you work on your visual skills and helps greatly with your coordination. I keep getting faster and faster. My daughters love it too." - Cheryl W., Bejeweled Player

How to Play

  • Get 3 or more matching gems in a row and the gems disappear, causing gems in the rows above to drop down.
  • Get 4 or five in a row for bonus points.
  • Score even more points for chain reaction matches (gems that drop down and create matches).
  • Make a certain number of matches and you move on to the next round where matches are worth more points.
  • Game play ends when you have no possible moves left or when the bonus bar runs out in the higher levels.

For more ways on how to play better, see our Bejeweled Strategy Guide! Also, for more Bejeweled action and with even more ways to play, try Bejeweled 2!


By playing Bejeweled Deluxe you can:

  • Stretch your mind by learning to think in news ways to create matches and combos
  • Play Bejeweled with family, friends, or by yourself whenever you like - there are no time limits in the full version.
  • Enjoy unique electronic music while you match new gems and create new combos that propel your scores even higher!
  • Save your high scores for own personal challenge or compete with family and friends!

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Fast Facts

  1. Bejeweled Deluxe was released in 2004, but the original version of the game came out in 2000.
  2. Like all other Bejeweled titles, Deluxe was made by the Seattle-based developer PopCap Games.
  3. Bejeweled Deluxe is the updated re-release of the original Bejeweled game. The other games in this franchise include Bejeweled 2, 3, Blitz and Twist.
  4. PopCap Games' other products include Plants vs. Zombies, Zuma, Peggle, Alchemy and Bookworm.
  5. Bejeweled Deluxe is available for Windows, Mac, Palm OS, Windows Mobile and browser-based platforms.
  6. All versions of the first game in the Bejeweled series have sold a combined total of 50 million copies worldwide.
  7. By the end of 2012, over 500 million copies of games in the Bejeweled series have been downloaded.

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