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Escape From a Magical Room by Solving Over 40 Types of Fun Puzzles!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • A ton of unique and mind-bending puzzles to take on
  • Unlock new parts of the story as you solve puzzles
  • Hints and the ability to skip levels if you get stuck
  • Replay previously completed levels
  • Do puzzles in any order that you want


  • Game can still be difficult at times even with hints
  • Some players may not like the mix of puzzles, or certain types of puzzles




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Game Description

Uncover the Secrets of Azada!

Trapped in a magical room by his crooked great-uncle, the brave Titus communicates with you through an enchanted parchment. "Hello? Can you help me?" He's asked you to assist him in escaping his prison - don't let him down because you're his only hope!

To free Titus, you are tasked with solving the most mysterious puzzles of Azada. Each puzzle you decipher fills in another missing page in the magical book, so get cracking before it's too late!


As you discover more and more of Azada's secrets, a gripping magically-themed story will unfold.

An Original, Fresh Game Unlike Any Other

With over 40 types of puzzles to be solved, Azada is like 40 different puzzle games all rolled into one great package!

Most games feature just one or two kinds of puzzles, but Azada has them all. Hidden object, matching, pattern, memory - these are just a few of the fun challenges that await you.

Some puzzles are fairly simple and some are more difficult, but one thing is certain: Azada will give your mind a great workout!

  • "This is a very enjoyable game, and unlike anything I have ever played before. It challenges the mind and is so varied you never know what puzzle is going to be next. Once i started playing it, I found it highly addictive." - Wendy Davies from Bristol, United Kingdom, 4.5/5 stars

With such a wide variety of stimulating brainteasers, it's a must-have game for any puzzle lover. You'll find yourself eagerly anticipating what Azada will have you solving next!

Artful Graphics and Magical Music Add to the Experience

Your puzzle-solving adventures are made even more enjoyable by the audio and visual features of Azada, which provide yet another reason that the game distances itself from the pack.

Each puzzle comes alive with interesting pictures, vibrant colors, and entertaining animations. At the same time, all the puzzles come with upbeat sound effects, while an appropriately magical, mystical soundtrack accompanies everything!

Azada is Great for Any and All Ages!

The game's brainteasing style and storyline is designed to cater to aspiring puzzle solvers of all shapes and sizes!

Azada's gameplay is challenging enough to hold the interest of the most seasoned veterans of the puzzle genre, but kids are still able to solve most of the game's puzzles by themselves. It's a fun and engaging way for young minds to develop problem solving skills!

  • "Azada is a great game!! It is good for teaching kids about problem solving, and about looking at the big picture in a FUN way! It is even fun for adults!" - Colleen from Chicago, IL USA, 5/5 stars

Save Titus and unlock the mysteries of Azada by yourself or with children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren. It's a game that transcends generational boundaries and appeals to everyone!


A Game You Won't Forget

One hallmark of a great game is that it breaks new ground, and Azada certainly qualifies on that count.

  • "The wide variety of fun and challenging puzzles, stunning graphics and great sound are pulled together and wrapped neatly with a mysterious and captivating story. Needless to say, I bought the full version the minute my trial ran out."- Jan from Edmonton Alberta Canada, 5/5 stars

By combining great puzzle variety with all the elements of a winner - story, gameplay, graphics, and sound - Azada becomes THE definitive puzzle game, so download it and give it a try today!

Azada Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Brandon

Azada is a thrilling puzzle game in which you must solve a huge variety of puzzles to unlock the story and unravel the mystery surrounding Titus. He has used his remaining magical powers to summon you to complete puzzles and free him from the painting he is trapped in. Along the way, you'll be able to make use of hints to solve puzzles or skip them entirely. You can replay previously completed puzzles, many of which change each time you play them. You can also do puzzles in any order you want, in the event that you get stuck or don't feel like doing a certain puzzle. This game has everything a puzzle fan could want.

Move Through Puzzle Sets to Beat the Game

Puzzles in Azada are split into different sets, with each set containing nine different puzzles to choose from. These puzzles can be done in any order, and all of them must be completed to move on to the next set. Additionally, each set of puzzles has a time limit that you'll need to deal with. For example, a set may require you to finish all the puzzles within 35 minutes. While this might seem easy, you'll quickly use up time if you need to use hints (each hint costs 5 minutes of time).


Puzzle Variety Bag

The puzzles in the game contain a variety of tasks and challenges to test you. Some puzzles have you finding random items placed in a room and using them in certain ways, some consist of a Simon type challenge, picture matching, and a host of other unique puzzles. While all these different puzzles means that the game won't feel all that repetitive, some players might not like dealing with a bunch of different puzzles. It may also mean that you come across puzzle types that you don't enjoy or aren't good at. However, you can use hints to help you out or skip these puzzles entirely if you want. Once you've played through all nine puzzles, you are given a tenth puzzle that unlocks more of the story once beaten. You can also replay the puzzles you've completed, many of which have random elements that change each time you play.

Variety of Difficulty Depending on the Puzzle

The level of difficulty in the game can range from fairly easy to very difficult, depending on which puzzles you get and your skill. There are no difficulty options, but you can use hints for some puzzles that give you your next move. However, these hints come at a steep cost to make sure you only use them when you really need them. Each hint costs 5 minutes of the time given to complete a set of puzzles, which is a large portion of your available time. There is also an option to completely skip puzzles, but has a limited number of uses. You can earn more uses, but only after completing more sets of puzzles.

Despite these options to help you out if you get stuck or don't like a puzzle, the game can still be fairly difficult at times. If you get multiple puzzles that you struggle with in a set, you'll quickly use up valuable time on hints. The number of times you can skip levels is also very low and refills extremely slowly, so that won't be available often either.

Unlock More of the Story As You Play

Not only does the game bring a variety of puzzles and great gameplay, but there is also a story included that plays out between sets of puzzles. You awake in a room, teleported there by the magic of Titus. Titus is a man trapped in a painting by magic, and you'll need to complete puzzles to unravel how he came to be trapped and eventually free him. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock more of the story. This gives you a goal to work towards as you work on puzzles.


Good Graphics and Excellent Sound

In addition to the story, the game also has great graphics and sounds. Everything looks excellent, from the rooms to puzzles. The audio provides good background music without becoming distracting or a nuisance as you complete puzzles. The story, visuals, and sound make a puzzle game that was already very good even better.

Conclusion - Excellent Game With a Great Variety of Puzzles

Overall, Azada is an excellent puzzle game that has a huge variety of puzzles that include something for everyone. You'll face everything from putting together pieces of a shredded picture to matching various symbols. You unlock parts of the story as you progress through the game and complete puzzles. Hints are available to help you through the toughest puzzle challenges. The minor issues with this game pale in comparison to all of the positives it offers. Even if you aren't a fan of puzzle games, this game is still worth a try.

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