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Adventure Inlay

Gem crafting, puzzle solving fun - now with an awesome animal theme and more ways to play!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Four different game modes add variety and new challenges
  • Low stress puzzle game
  • Good background music
  • Unique gameplay gives puzzles a lot of solutions, strategy


  • Not much challenge for more experienced players
  • Having to wait forever for the one piece you need
  • Game can be repetitive




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Game Description

Wildlife scenes from around the world! Adventure Inlay is packed front to back with hand crafted levels and ingenious game play. Over 60 gorgeously rendered wildlife scenes fill the Adventure Inlay landscape.

If you are an Inlay game fan, this is definitely the game for you. You get all the fun puzzle inlay type game play but 4 different ways! Enjoy the puzzles along with the fantastic music that many players say keep them hooked for hours.


Challenge yourself with 4 distinctly addictive game modes.

  • Traditional mode is the classic Puzzle Inlay type play you love.
  • Strategy lets you plan your moves carefully but you have a limited number of turns.
  • Revealer mode slowly uncovers a neat wildlife scene.
  • Enigma mode provides a relaxing and mind bending puzzle using a limited number of shapes.

Read some of our user's comments about Adventure Inlay: ""I want to add to my collection, all of the Inlay games. I have used up every trial download of Adventure Inlay from every game site I know of. I can not get enough! I play for 3 to 5 hours, 3 times a week!"" - Marty T. ""I think that Adventure Inlay is the best. I can sit for hours at a time just playing that game. The game is so addictive that I have burnt a pan of biscuits because I just have to finish a level."" - Patricia W. ""Beautiful graphics and surreal environments, complemented by wonderful music! So much diversity, with so many ways to fill up the puzzles, and different modes so there's something for everyone!"" - Louise M. ""This game gets me coming back again and again, the colors and the strategy uses all your attention, but the colors keep it from being too draining. The different backgrounds make it interesting even if you are repeating the same games."" - Hollie O. ""I really like games that need some kind of intelligence and calculation to win it. Before this I loved to play Tetris, but this one is much more complete and challenging."" - Adriana F.

Adventure Inlay Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Brandon

Adventure Inlay is a relatively slow paced and relaxing puzzle game that has you filling a grid with various shapes. These shapes slowly scrolling across the screen and you've got to use or discard them before they stack up and you lose the game. It's simple enough, and not overly difficult, but can also be quite challenging at times as well. Four different game modes add new twists and surprises to the gameplay, as well as additional difficulty. A great presentation makes this a game that can entertain you for quite a while.

Basic Gameplay

Gameplay in Adventure Inlay is relatively simple and easy. Each level contains one or more grids with various designs (some may look like birds, while others look like lizards, etc.) that you need to fill. At the bottom of the screen, various small shapes will appear and scroll from right to left. Your goal is to use these shapes to fill in the grid. The shapes can all be rotated and moved as needed before you place them in the grid.


What makes it challenging is that the shapes continue to appear until you've fill the grid, and if you don't use or discard shapes fast enough, you'll run out of room and fail the level. Discarding shapes has a time limit on it as well, so that you can only discard a shape every few seconds at most. To help you out along the way are various powerups that occasionally take the places of these shapes. Some powerups can be used to destroy the scrolling shapes and free up more room, while others can fill in large portion of the grid without needing to use any shapes. The unique puzzle mechanic involving the shapes and powerups can add a lot of strategy if you're careful with your planning and moves.

4 Game Modes

To keep the game interesting and entertaining, there are four different modes of play offered in the game. The Traditional mode is the normal gameplay that has you filling the grid with shapes as they scroll across the screen. The Strategery mode slowly scrolls the grid to the left as you place or discard pieces. If the grid reaches the edge of the screen before it's filled in, you lose. This adds a need for careful consideration and planning when making moves. The Revealer mode has a grid that blocks a picture in the background. As you fill in the grid it disappears and the image becomes visible. The final mode of play, Enigma, gives you a set number of pieces with which to fill the grid. However, the game can still be a bet repetitive despite the different modes because of the repeated placing and discarding of shapes you do throughout.

Increasing Difficulty

As with many other games, Adventure Inlay provides an increasing level of difficulty as you progress through the game rather than traditional difficulty settings. Additionally, the various modes give different levels of challenges to take on. However, for more experienced or skilled players, Adventure Inlay may not be much of a challenge. The game is relatively relaxing and has a fairly slow pace. While this is great for players looking for puzzle fun that's easy on the mind, other players may find it too easy and a bit boring as a result.

Easy Controls

Like the basic gameplay, the controls of the game are simple enough for anyone to quickly learn and begin playing. All actions can easily be performed with the mouse. You can pick up and place shapes, rotate shapes, and discard shapes all through moving the mouse and clicks.


Nice Graphics

The presentation is a great addition to the game. The game looks very good graphically, with colorful background art of various animals and scenery. The grids you need to fill in continue this theme with animal looks/designs. The background music does a nice job of giving you something soothing to listen to without being annoying or distracting.

Conclusion - Good For Those Who Like Mosaic Games

Overall, Adventure Inlay is a good puzzle game that's perfect for anyone looking for a more enjoyable and relaxing experience. The game is a bit repetitive and better players may find it too easy, but for anyone else it's well worth a try. There are four different game modes that each bring a different twist on the normal gameplay. The graphics and sounds make a great game even better. The unique puzzle gameplay offers a lot of different solutions and plenty of opportunity for strategy.

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