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Zombie Solitaire 2 - Chapter 2

Zombie-tastic Solitaire fun for the whole family!

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Game Description

Solitaire fun for the whole family! Ever since a deluge of zombies, infected by genetically altered tofu burgers, has swept across the land, you've been on the run from their insatiable appetite. Unfortunately, your plans to escape by helicopter were thwarted. Will you manage to escape from the zombies yet again?

Once again, many challenging Solitaire matches chockfull of fun surprises are waiting for you, but don't let those pesky zombies get you. Striking the undead with a diabetes Z sugar shock is your most effective weapon. So, make sure you always have enough sugar ammo ready! Stay calm during your entertaining multiple-choice adventures and make the right decision. Escaping the zombie apocalypse has never been that much fun!


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Fast Facts

  1. Premium entertainment for the whole family
  2. Optimized and even more challenging solitaire levels
  3. Wacky multiple-choice adventures in which your decisions influence how the story develops
  4. Entertaining mini games of various genres such as adventure quests and puzzles...and lots of zombies, of course!

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