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Youda Farmer

Harvest Goods From Your Farm and Sell Them for Profit!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • A lot of customization choices (male/female farmer, color of your truck, etc.).
  • 3D graphics are incredibly detailed and can be adjusted to either high or low performance, depending on what your computer can handle.
  • Plenty of ways to earn combo points to spend on upgrades.
  • Requires more than just clicking; player must use strategy and time management to complete levels, eliminating feeling of repetitiveness.
  • Variety of languages available so more people can play.


  • Very high level of difficulty, even early on in the game, limits the potential audience and becomes frustrating while playing.
  • No explanation of the 'product party' system, and the products wearing party hats seem totally out of the theme.
  • Doesn't have a traditional progression of levels so you feel as though you are failing even when you are not.




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Game Description

Experience Fast-Paced Farming!

Here's your chance to harvest goods from your very own farm and sell them in the village! Experience all of the farm fun with none of the mess or stress.

Manage Harvesting and Selling Goods Quickly

You start out with only a flour mill on your small farm in this farm time management game. Harvest flour to sell at the village. You'll have to click quickly to fill all of the orders in time! At the village, you'll give each item you harvested to different vendors, such as flour to the baker.


Once you earn enough credits by filling orders correctly, you can buy more additions to your farm, such as pigs so you can sell meat or cows so you can sell milk. Work hard to make combos such as filling three orders for milk at the same time and plan ahead or you'll be losing orders left and right!

Be Entertained and Learn to Plan Ahead

Here's the fun way to learn how to plan ahead and effectively manage time! The realistic graphics, sound effects and grueling work schedule will make you feel like you really do own a farm. Enjoy the excitement of fast-paced clicking and split-second decision making in this wonderfully addicting time management adventure!

It's your farm-do you have what it takes to manage all of the harvesting and selling before time runs out?

Youda Farmer Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Hillary

If you're looking for a realistic, challenging farming game with great graphics and customization options in the task-management genre, stop looking. Youda Farmer embodies all these aspects in a game that will have you clicking at a frenzied pace to gather products and deliver them to the correct customers on time. This game will test your ability to combine strategy, speed and gaming instinct, making it a unique and fun play.

Multiple Language Options

When you begin the game, you are able to choose which language to play in, whether you would like to play a male or female farmer and choose one of four colors to paint your farm truck. As the game progresses, you will unlock many more colors and are able to repaint whenever you choose.


Farm, Collect, Sell

The object of the game is to drive your truck around your farm to different fields that produce unique products, pick up the products, and deliver them to your customers in town. Rather than clicking on the fields themselves, you are given the customers' orders at the bottom of the screen. They are for individual products and are in random order, so you won't be able to pick up all of a given product at once, which would make the game too easy.

Instead, you might see a list of orders that looks like this: eggs, milk, flour, eggs, meat, eggs, flour, eggs. You don't have to pick them up in the order they are shown, but each order has a timer on it that turns the order red as it nears the end. If you don't get to an order in time, it will disappear. Lose too many orders and you fail the level. The fields are far apart and your truck takes awhile to get to each one, so it takes a lot of strategy to know which fields are closest to each other, so you know which orders to get first and which can wait.

Because of this need for strategy and planning, Youda Farmer is anything but repetitive. You never have the same progression of orders twice and are always on your toes trying not to lose any orders.

Difficulty is a Bit Too High

Unfortunately, this is also the downside of the game. Even the beginning levels are difficult, with the higher levels feeling almost impossible. Unless you hit every order perfectly you are bound to lose at least one, and the higher levels require you to fill every order to pass. This really limits the game's audience because casual gamers will not enjoy feeling like a failure for not being able to pass level two.


Strange Level Progression

The level system is another fault. There does not appear to be a traditional level progression (eg completing level one allows you to move on to level two). Instead, levels seem to move on based on how many combo points you have earned. These are awarded when you gather three or more of the same product in a row, or whenever you click on “party products.” Party products are basically products you produce (like eggs, tomatoes, etc.) that pop up randomly around the map wearing party hats. They disappear quickly so you have to be fast to catch them and they give you combo points to use on upgrades. They don't seem to fit into the farming theme whatsoever and are actually rather distracting.

Conclusion - Excellent Presentation and Theme But Too Hard

Youda Farmer has great presentation and an almost seamless theme. Gameplay is addicting and realistic, making this a great farming task-management game. However, the gameplay is also incredibly difficult, the level progression frustrating, and the party product system confusing. Youda Farmer does a lot of things right, but it also does a lot wrong. Expert players may enjoy the challenge it presents, but casual gamers will likely become incredibly frustrated after the first few levels.

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View some gameplay footage highlighting the fast-paced farming and delivery action to be found as you try to keep that expanding village supplied with fresh produce.

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