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World Keepers: Last Resort

Destroy an ancient evil intent on wiping out humanity!

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Game Description

The fate of mankind hangs in the balance as a buccaneer strikes out across dangerous waters to discover the source of a devastating plague and destroy an ancient evil intent on wiping out humanity. Take the role of Elizabeth, a strong and confident hero, as she explores visually striking environments in her efforts to learn the truth. Search for clues and hidden items in a ruined island town, use your wits to overcome the terrifying creatures that demolished an Indian village, and avoid the smoke monster that threatens to end your journey. To advance, you'll need to find four dolls and learn to use each one's unique power. Every step of this thrilling expedition will bring you closer to the unforgettable finale. Packed with adventure, challenge, and jaw-dropping artwork, World Keepers: Last Resort offers a gaming experience that will absorb you from beginning to end.


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Fast Facts

  1. A strong and appealing female hero
  2. An epic supernatural tale of adventure
  3. Seven thrilling chapters to complete
  4. Learn-as-you-play tutorial
  5. Unlimited hints and tips

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