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Wonder Pets Save the Puppy

Be A Puppy's Hero!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
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Game Description

Wonder Pets Save the Puppy gives you the opportunity to become a member of everyone's favorite animal rescue squad, the Wonder Pets! A puppy is in desperate need of help before it's too late, but luckily the Wonder Pets are ready to heed the call of duty.

Variable Difficulty Level Means Everyone Can Play!

This game offers you the choice between easy and hard, giving this title great replay value. It's great for multiple ages and skill levels.


Common Sense Objectives

The tasks and minigames are all directly related to the storyline and help teach cause and effect. The clear cut, linear way the tasks are presented within the storyline gives the game added appeal.

* Build yourself a means of travel and then make your way to the puppy's house

* Lead the puppy to the doggy door and teach him how to use it to get outside

* Bathe the muddy puppy after he gets a little too frisky out in the yard

* Find the ball and play with the energetic puppy

* Celebrate a job well done, Wonder Pets style!

If you prefer games that provide a reason for the objectives during gameplay, Wonder Pets Save the Puppy is sure to please!

Sweet and Simple Storyline

A call comes in and the Wonder Pets must go to the rescue of a fellow animal in need. A puppy is in desperate need of a bathroom break but he's too young to know how to find his way outside; this looks like a job for the Wonder Pets!

Tag along as the squad of heroic animals journey to the puppy's house in order to lead him to a safe place to go potty! Hidden object and puzzle gameplay will keep you busy as you work your way to the conclusion of this rescue adventure.

Play Beyond the Computer With Fun Printout Prizes

As you progress through tasks in the game, you will be rewarded with print out coloring pages chronically your daring adventures! These print and color pages are great for road trips, sharing with friends or hanging in your room.

Brilliant, Colorful Graphics Make This Game Engaging

Wonder Pets Save the Puppy has a fantastic blend of soft, photorealistic graphics and a richly textured art style that blends together nicely to create a wonderful, fantasy feel. The pets themselves are so soft and furry you'll wish you could pet them, and the animation is on par with the television show.

The voice quality is superb and the music is charming and unobtrusive, fitting well with the rest of the game.


Great Educational Value

The Wonder Pets adore celery and eat it whenever they can which serves as a good reminder that we could all use a little more green in our diet. The heroes are firm believers in the power of teamwork and are always more than polite, even to lowly bugs. This is a great reminder that attitude is just as important as actions themselves.

Wonder Pets Save the Puppy delivers a colorful and fun gameplay experience.

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