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Wilderness Mosaic 5 - India

Claire's adventure will take her to India in Wilderness Mosaic 5 - India

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Game Description

Claire's adventure will take her to India. She had never seen such a lively land before, full of unique animals, some dangerous, others adorable, and jungels that stretched on for days. Using numbers, find hidden images. There are 134 colourful pixel art challenges with various landscape backdrops spread throughout nine chapters and one bonus chapter. These stages can be completed just by applying reasoning. Solve Rangli riddles and slide puzzles to unlock a new chapter in your journey. Make progress on the map and enjoy your journey.


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Fast Facts

  1. Visit 9 chapters of Indian adventure and one bonus chapter
  2. Play 134 exciting mosaic levels and 18 Minigames
  3. Solve 9 Rangoli rotation puzzles
  4. Solve 9 Slidding Puzzles
  5. Discover hidden pixel art images
  6. Collect stars
  7. Logic based puzzles
  8. Find out interesting facts after solving each griddler level

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