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Where's Waldo: The Fantastic Journey

Enjoy the Timeless Search for Waldo and All the Laughs That Go With It!

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Game Description

The Beloved Hidden Adventurer is Back!

The adventurous Waldo is back in a whole new way! Search for Waldo and his friends in amusing illustrations complete with moving animations.

When the Wizard Whitebeard asks Waldo to search for 12 scrolls around the world, he's thrilled to go on an adventure. Help Waldo, Wenda and their dog Woof search hilarious, busy scenes that stay true to the original books!


Search for Amusing Characters in Busy Scenes

Search each scene for various objects shown at the bottom of the screen. These could be listed as tricky silhouettes, pictures, multiple of the same object or word clues. Each scene has various views and when you click on the object you want to search for your screen will move to the part of the scene where you can find that object.

Enjoy hilarious scenes like monks fighting each other with fire and water, flying carpet mayhem and much more. Every time you view a scene you'll find something else to laugh at, from carpets riding on flying people to food fights and funny faces, and much more.


The Game Stays True to the Books

With Kids mode and Normal mode, this game is great for gamers of all ages. Older gamers can bring back fond childhood memories of Waldo and pass them on to younger gamers. This game is fun to play as a family because everyone can enjoy the story and the many laughs!

The search for Waldo is on! Find him now in Where's Waldo?: The Fantastic Journey!

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Fast Facts

  1. Where's Waldo?: The Fantastic Journey was released on September 22, 2009.
  2. This game was developed by Ludia, Inc.
  3. Several video games based off of the Where's Waldo? franchise have been made in the past. They include Where's Waldo?, Where's Waldo at the Circus, Where's Waldo?: Exploring Geography, and The Great Waldo Search. The only other one that was made by Ludia would be Where's Waldo?: In Hollywood.
  4. Other titles developed by Ludia include Hell's Kitchen, Jurassic Park Builder, Save Our Village, The Weakest Link and Friends, and The Amazing Race.
  5. Where's Waldo?: The Fantastic Journey is available for the PC, iPhone, Nintendo DS, and Wii.
  6. There are over a dozen books in the Where's Waldo? series.
  7. Over 50 million Where's Waldo? books have been sold in 30 languages all over the world.
  8. This game contains a level devoted to the most popular and notorious world in the series: The Land of Waldos.
  9. GameZebo praised The Fantastic Journey for its 'fun gameplay, story, graphics, voice talent and humor,' and gave it a four-star rating.

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