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Viking Brothers 2

Join the Viking Brothers in an all-new, humor-filled adventure!

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Game Description

History says there was a time when the Vikings ruled the world. But legend says it once took only two of them to save it! Join Viking brothers Everand and Boromere as they set off on an all-new, humor-filled adventure to right wrongs, do good and keep their tankards filled with ale!

This won't be easy, as a mysterious force is forging a path of destruction across Earth and Asgard! But Viking strength and valor have never failed - and neither will the brothers!
Your task will be to guide Everand and Boromere with a few clicks of your mouse as they go up against pirates and trolls, rebuild villages, and bring their land back to life by the sweat of their Viking brows. Although the brothers are mighty in muscle, you'll have to do some light mental lifting as you figure out the best way to use the time you have and the resources you gather to remove obstacles and complete simple quests.

With several brightly colored worlds teeming with animated life to explore, level after level will unfold before your eyes like the pages of a fantasy book come to vibrant life. Add in the lively soundtrack, dozens of achievements and captivating hand-drawn cutscenes, and 'Viking Brothers 2' becomes a journey you'll never want to end!


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Fast Facts

  1. A thrilling quest through Asgard!
  2. A cast of monsters, men and gods!
  3. Colorful worlds that pop off the screen!
  4. Easy to pick up and play

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