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Vampires Vs Zombies

Fend Off Zombie Attacks and Arm Transylvania's Military with Your Macabre Arsenal!

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Game Description

The Ultimate Undead Rumble has Just Begun!

In the scorching sands of Africa, a new menace has begun to rise. The ruthless dictator Boombata has hatched a plot to take over the world. Using mystical voodoo magic, modern-day television, and his charming personality, he unleashes a plague of undeath upon the planet. Anyone who turns on the TV to watch the international delegation is instantly transformed into a brain-eating zombie

Before anyone knows it, a zombie apocalypse swarms across the planet. Worst of all, only 34 percent of the surviving population is willing to do anything about it; 33 percent are convinced that we’re doomed and the rest honestly don’t care.


Fortunately, not all is lost! The vampires of Transylvania are not just going to lay down in their coffins and let the green menace shamble all over their doorstep. The world’s just not big enough for another undead force of evil and it’s not good to let perfectly decent food go rotten anyway.

Count Vlad Tzepech, also known as Dracula, begins to take action by securing the borders of Transylvania and turning to the biggest arms dealer for all creatures of the night: you. It will be up to you to help the count build his army, wipe the zombie menace off the face of the Earth, and destroy Boombata once and for all.

Outfit the Army

No vampire has ever fought a war on this kind of scale before. It’s going to take careful planning and management of your money, resources and time to fully arm and supply Dracula’s military. Just to make things even harder, the zombies know what you’re up to and will do everything their dim minds can think of to make your un-life as difficult as possible.

  • Hire vampire harvesters. These lovely ladies of the night can magically grow and harvest pumpkins, a precious raw material needed for the production of many vampire weapons.
  • Purchase and set up factories to convert your raw materials into more valuable products. Turn ordinary pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, stuff those with TNT to create pumpkin bombs, and so on.
  • Beware of the sun. The zombies will attempt to impede your efforts by shining sunlight down onto your workers. Snuff out the light by pouring pure darkness upon it. Darkness now comes in a handy bottle for quick and easy application!
  • Watch out for zombie attacks! Dispatch zombies by clicking on them and hire vampire soldiers to protect your workers.
  • Load the goods onto your skeletal horse-drawn wagon and sell them for money.

Vampires Never Worked More Efficiently

Vampires may have been the apex predator for the past couple of centuries, but that won’t be the case any longer if they depend on their old tricks. In Vampires vs. Zombies, it will be your prerogative to decide what new technologies you will research, produce and use in the violent nights ahead.


  • Earn gold stars and use them to buy new production facilities designed by the dependable head of your R&D department, Dr. Ghoul. Build factories designed to make spider webs, golems, catapults and more.
  • Upgrade your facilities to have them crank out the goods quicker and more economically.
  • Increase the capacity of your storehouses, improve the speed of your skeletal horses, and more.
  • Spend money while on a mission to equip you military men with better weapons. Fend off zombies more effectively than ever before.
  • Go to market to purchase items on the fly that your vampires just can’t otherwise produce on their own.

Work Hard, Play Harder

Dracula’s eyes are everywhere, so you better be prepared to have your performance graded in one of many ways.

  • Earn a higher ranking and more gold stars by finishing each mission under a specified time limit.
  • Collect over 50 different items scattered throughout the world. Get everything in one of ten collections to earn more special rewards.
  • Unlock over a dozen different awards by achieving truly heroic feats over the course of the game. Attain the best time on every level, beat a record by at least ten minutes, and more!

Prepare for War!

Vampires and zombies are the two most fearsome undead creatures fiction has ever produced and they’re finally duking it out for the first time ever on your computer screen. If you want to take part in this truly historical event, then pick up the comically-macabre Vampires vs. Zombies and gear up for a battle to see who the ultimate creatures of the night truly are!

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Fast Facts

  1. Vampires vs. Zombies was released on September 7, 2012.
  2. The game is the product of the Russian development company, Alawar Entertainment, Inc.
  3. Alawar Entertainment's other games include Millennium Digger: The Artful Machine, Sea Bounty: Dead Man's Chest, 1001 Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad, and the Farm Frenzy series.
  4. Vampires vs. Zombies is available for download and purchase on Windows PCs.
  5. Within a month after release, Vampires vs. Zombies was downloaded by over 50 thousand people on Alawar's site alone.

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