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Vacation Paradise - Florida

Take a trip to Florida! There are beaches, lakes, and fascinating activities to look forward to!

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Game Description

Take a vacation with us to the sunny state of the United States! From the stunning beaches to the wide range of fascinating activities. Because of Florida's enormous number of lakes, it has become the world's fishing capital!...Clearwater Beach, the iconic Coral Castles, and the historical Rail Museum. Play ten minigames as you travel. Collect all of the Florida Seals and US Flags to get access to an Unlimited Mode and extra minigames. Begin your Florida vacation now!


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Fast Facts

  1. Discover hundreds of hidden things around gorgeous sunny landscapes!
  2. Five distinct game modes allow you to personalize your experience!
  3. Relaxing music and ambient noises transport you to the location!
  4. All the locations can be revisited!

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