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Dive inside an injured writers wounded psyche and discover his inner creative universe in unWorded.

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Game Description

unWorded is a unique puzzle game in which everything is made out of letters. Create items with your imagination by putting letters together, and learn about a writer who was hospitalised after a severe accident.Dive inside his wounded psyche and discover his inner creative universe via odd and fantastic stories. In this text-based puzzler, assist the writer in reassembling his memories and ideas. Think beyond the box and move letters and signs around on the canvas to create images that are worth a thousand words. unWorded is a one-of-a-kind, emotionally-engaging, story-driven indie masterpiece that appeals to the inner workings of human complicated minds with its lyrical and dreamy riddles full of letters, divided into five books tracing back the author's recollections.


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Fast Facts

  1. 5 different books to explore
  2. Multiple Puzzles to solve
  3. Unique Typograhy Based Puzzle!

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