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TUMIKI Fighters

Arcade Style Shooter With Toy Shaped Blocks

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Game Description

Take Out the Enemy Fleet

Take to the skies and blast away to destroy the enemy air force in this addictive shoot 'em up. Enter a unique world filled enemies and obstacles made from colorful, toy shaped blocks and see if you have what it takes to navigate the hail of bullets thrown your way and defeat a variety of gigantic bosses. TUMIKI Fighters' retro graphics and simple gameplay are sure to provide hours of enjoyable gameplay.

A Unique Pick-Up System

The controls in TUMIKI Fighters are quite simple and play like any other side scrolling shooter, but where it greatly differs from other flying shooters is how you gain pick-up bonuses. Because all of the ships in the game are pretty much toys, whenever you shoot down an enemy ship it becomes an inert toy that you can catch and connect to your ship to gain its firepower. This works for every enemy ship, big and small, as well as pieces of bosses. You can collect a whole pile of planes on your own for a massive arsenal of destructive power, but the bigger your collection the more likely pieces may get shot off so finding your own balance is essential.


An Entertaining Arcade Experience

TUMIKI Fighters differentiates itself from other arcade style shooters with a variety of original gameplay elements while retaining the fun, fast-paced action that fans of the genre enjoy. With no price tag and plenty of levels, there aren't many reasons not to try out this gratifying game.

So if you are a fan of shoot 'em ups and like a challenge, download TUMIKI Fighters today!

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Gameplay Video

Watch scenes from the first level and the fast-paced, shooting action found in TUMIKI Fighters.

 Video of game play for TUMIKI Fighters


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