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Trade Mania

Trade Mania

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Game Description

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to buy and sell real estate in some of the hottest markets in the world? If so, Trade Mania is the game for you. This game puts the power in your hands. Can you outwit the competition and own the highest percentage of investments in the city before anyone else?

How Trade Mania Works

Each city is structured like a giant game board, and each player spins a wheel to determine how many moves they can make during their turn. When a player lands on an unowned piece of property, the opportunity to purchase it is presented.


Owning property means collecting rent when other players land on that space, but the purchase drains away valuable funds, making it harder to pay your own rent owed to other players later on in the game. Wise purchasing habits are essential for success in Trade Mania!

In addition to buying properties, you are given the opportunity to purchase and transport goods as you make your way around the board. Each business or institution has needs, and it's possible to make a small fortune by selling tea leaves, steel pipes and much more to the right customers.

Cards and event spaces are occasionally triggered when a player spins the wheel, and these have the power to alter gameplay. Tasks are also assigned at the start of the round, and meeting these objectives will give you an edge over the competition.

A ticker at the bottom of the screen announces news such as property purchases, rent payments and events. If you find yourself needing more information, the statistics tab has all the dirt regarding property ownership, funds, percentages and more.

The winner of the round is the player with the largest percentage of the city under their ownership.

See New York, Paris and Seattle in a Whole New Way

The cities featured in Trade Mania are authentic and true to life, giving you and your fellow competitors the opportunity to own famous landmarks. Own Qwest Field, Denny Park, Gas Works Park and many more.

Play Against the Computer or Family and Friends

With support for up to five players, everyone in the family can enjoy playing Trade Mania together. Solitary players looking for additional challenge may also opt to pit themselves against four computer opponents during a round, making the game much more difficult.

Three Difficulty Levels and Two Gameplay Modes Equal Tons of Replay Value

Campaign and custom game modes provide more ways to play, and three difficulty levels equal tons of fun for players of all ages and skills.

Overall, Trade Mania is a fast paced economic strategy game that gives you the opportunity to corner the real estate market in famous cities. This is a unique game that appeals to all ages and persuasions.

If you enjoy games that deal with the art of investing and turning a profit on goods, this is the game for you!

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