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The Legend of Crystal Valley

Venture into the Crystal Valley and Save Eve's Father in this Magical Point-and-Click Adventure

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

Better than average but has some noticeable flaws.


  • Attractive, mystical locations.
  • Mostly difficult puzzles primarily based on sequences and patterns.
  • Good sound effects.


  • Too much text when 'examining' items.
  • Aforementioned commentary can be dry, boring and a bit too remorsefully nostalgic.
  • Story line is unique but dialogue and activities do not reinforce any intrigue.
  • Some exit points are very small and can be difficult to locate.




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Game Description

Find Eve's Father and a Way Back Home!

When Eve receives an unexpected letter from her father she returns home to her family estate. But she gets more than she bargained for when she finds that her father is missing and she stumbles into a portal that takes her to the fantasy realm of Crystal Valley!

It is now up to you to help her find her lost father and a way home while navigating the magical realm. Meet a whole cast of characters including giant lizard-like creatures who drive buggies, giants, witches and musical fishermen.


A Fantasy Point-And-Click Adventure

The main gameplay in The Legend of Crystal Valley is in a traditional adventure format, where players move Eve around different scenes with the mouse button and then investigate and interact with objects. There are several items that can be picked up and placed in your inventory and these can later be combined and used to solve puzzles. Also, Eve will learn some magic spells, such as "shrink," which add another dimension to the problem solving.

A nice feature in the game is that the mouse cursor changes color depending on what action you can perform. For example, when the cursor turns blue it means that clicking will take Eve to a new screen, while a green cursor means she can interact with an object or character.


Interesting Story and Good Graphics

The Legend of Crystal Valley provides a fascinating adventure. The story and interesting fantasy world will really draw you in. The puzzles are never too obscure but they still provide a challenge for even experienced players. You can play the game at whatever pace you want because you can save your game at any point during your quest.

If you like adventure games with absorbing stories, then download The Legend of Crystal Valley and start the journey today!

The Legend of Crystal Valley Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Sara

Enter the fantasy world of Crystal Valley, where Kings live eternally and magic of all forms resides within the quirky characters met along the way.

Intriguing Concept

After receiving a somewhat cryptic message, Eve sets off for her childhood home to find her father after his mysterious disappearance. Very quickly she stumbles upon an entry point into another dimension, a black hole that leads to an abandoned mine. It takes some time for her to discover that she has entered a magical kingdom, a discovery to which she strangely reacts with almost no emotion or confusion.


Sometimes Hard to See Key Locations

Thorough investigation of each location inevitably reveals items to be examined, others to be added to the inventory, and very often a new exit point. Many times, unfortunately, these exit points are difficult to spot and you will have to drag your curser about the entire location to find the proper departure spot. The cursor will change to a magnifying glass when an item must be examined and, once clicked, a several sentence description of the object will follow that is rarely intriguing.

Dialogue Isn't the Greatest

Much of the commentary are Eve's melancholy reflections of her childhood that get sappy and tedious rather quickly. Furthermore, it takes several clicks to reach the end of the description which adds unnecessary length to the game as a whole.

Some Interesting Characters

Crystal Valley itself is quite mystical, inhabited by lightning quick blacksmiths, devious wizards, overgrown mushrooms and a host of other attractive locations to discover. However, the story itself, although unique, is not very well reinforced by the conversations and activities undertaken which include monotonous activities such as repairing a wheel or collecting plants.

Good Puzzles

Puzzles are worthwhile though, challenging logic, memory, and patience. Sound effects match each scene well, including animal noises, background noise, and accompanying sounds to actions performed by Eve as well as other characters.


Conclusion - A Few Things Drag This One Down

The Legend of Crystal Valley is certainly not without merit and fantasy enthusiasts may very well enjoy the diverse magical world created, but overall Eve's story is not compelling and just the opposite becomes cumbersome rather quickly.

Monotonous tasks and conversations detract from the originality and ultimately, there is probably a better mystical adventure for you to undertake.

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