The New Chronicles of Noah's Ark

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The New Chronicles of Noah's Ark

Help Noah survive the flood in The New Chronicles of Noah's Ark

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Game Description

Noah is a nice, pious guy who lives a tranquil life with his family, but when he experiences a holy vision from God, his life is permanently transformed. The remainder of the world has become so dark that God wants to purify it with a huge flood that will wipe out all of the evildoers who have strayed from the path of righteousness. Noah and his family are the only ones who have been selected to survive the deluge. God tells Noah to build a massive ark that can hold two of each animal species in order to save them and get them safely through the deluge. It will be a massive undertaking, seemingly impossible for a single family to achieve. Noah, on the other hand, is a man of tremendous faith who believes in God's word. Before the flood, he and his family start making the required preparations to build the ark...


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Fast Facts

  1. The classic story of Noah and the ark, retold here in a new format!
  2. Gather resources through match-3 puzzles to help Noah prepare and build his ark.
  3. Build the ark through 20 upgrades as the story unfolds across 5 chapters.
  4. Enjoy this classic story given new life and help Noah prepare for the coming flood.

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