The Last Dream: Collector's Edition

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The Last Dream: Collector's Edition

Fight reality and the dream world to save your true love!

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  • File Size - 890 MB
  • Play It On - Windows XP or better


Game Description

Every night, your beloved wife Elizabeth, who died in a car accident, comes to you in your dreams. She seems to be calling for you - but why? One morning you find a strange clue from your dream that sets you on to a path full of adventure and intrigue - perhaps it's the path to your wife? Your reality is now mixed with your dreams as you battle with unimaginable invisible forces that are trying to prevent you from reuniting with Elizabeth. Undeterred, you pursue her ghost, discovering new clues in a variety of locations as well as meeting a fluffy feline who will help you on your way. Is this reality or a dream? Whatever it is, you know you have no choice - after all, you love your wife and are ready to do anything to save her...


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Fast Facts

  1. Gripping storyline, full of intrigue and adventure
  2. Live action cut-scenes and gorgeous graphics
  3. Achievements to unlock
  4. 15 unique mini games and 10 fragmented object scenes

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