The Big Secret of a Small Town

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The Big Secret of a Small Town

The Mayor has vanished and been replaced by a sinister scarecrow

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Game Description

The small town is a very important town indeed. Here, a unique industrial complex is located. Rumor has it that it does not require energy for production, because that is exactly what it produces! How is this possible? It looks like an unknown villain is ready to answer this question. He kidnaps the head of the city administration during his performance, leaving the sinister scarecrow on the stage instead! What will our search for the Mayor reveal? The secret of the small town is much more than you could possibly imagine!



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Fast Facts

  1. Cozy, hand-drawn scenes.
  2. Puzzles of varying complexity: from simple to quite challenging.
  3. A story that will be told by the villain himself.
  4. Additional materials in the gallery to complement the story.

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