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Play Thrilling Games of Tennis!

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Game Description

Tennis, Anyone?

Tennis is a fantastic sport. It requires quick thinking, good reflexes, and a lot of hand-eye coordination to succeed. Sadly, people aren’t always up for a game, especially on rainy days. Fortunately, Tennis Elbow makes it possible to get the ball bouncing anytime by letting you hit the court from the comfort of your own computer.

Intuitive Controls

Tennis Elbow never lets up. If you want to succeed, then it’s necessary to have fast feet and sharp eyes. It has everything you need to meet those demands: responsive controls, realistic physics and plausible actions. Tennis Elbow does everything it can to mimic reality.


Run across every corner of the court. You never know where that ball is going to land.
Aim your strikes anywhere on or off the court. Do whatever you can to trick and fake out your opponent.
Control the ball’s trajectory. Hit it as high or as low as you need to win.

Customize Your Game

Tennis Elbow is loaded with options. Use them to give your game a more personalized touch and add variety to your experience.

Modify the appearance of your tennis player. Choose your gender, face, hairstyle and outfit.
Adjust over 20 player statistics. Determine your speed, fitness, power and more!
Play on six levels of difficulty.
View the action using four different dynamic cameras.
Play singles, doubles or two against one.
Choose nine different surfaces for your tennis court, each with its own distinct rebound effect.
Determine the winning conditions for each match.

Thinking on Your Feet

Tennis is very much like a fast-paced game of chess; there’s a lot of inherent strategy involved that you’ll need to master if you want to have any chance at competing in the big leagues. The same applies to Tennis Elbow.

Make use of more than 20 strike styles. Use a multitude of services, forehands, backhands and more to win.
Don’t exert yourself! Players get tired over time, slowing down in the process.
Pause the action at any moment to watch slow-motion replays of your most recent shots. See what you have done right and wrong, and improve from there.

Play with Other People

Tennis Elbow’s AI is no slouch, but you’ll still be delighted to know that it also lets you go online to play tennis with people all over the world!


Monitor player statistics to find players that match your skill level.
Beat players to raise your online score and face tougher opponents.
Access the chat lobby to talk to other tennis enthusiasts.
Host a game to set your own rules and winning conditions.

No Better Service

What else is there to say? With its tights controls, fast action, level of customization and multiplayer capabilities, Tennis Elbow gives you one of the most definitive tennis experiences you’ll ever find on the computer.

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