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Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds

Eat All You Can as You Travel Through Time!

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Game Description

Fools, They’ve Doomed Us All!

The power of science has wrought many a technological wonder! Like bigger fruit, automobiles and addictive computer games.

And now, one knowledgeable scientist has begun to make superb advances in the field of nanotechnology. Oh, the findings he could just concoct! Sure, he may have produced a little bit of grey goo that can devour everything and grow exponentially in size, but it’s safe, secure and…what’s this? It got out? Uh-oh!


It’s eating everything as predicted…and now it’s heading for the time machine!

Great Scott! The grey goo is out, and lost in time! Earth could most assuredly be doomed now!

Eat, Eat, Eat! And Eat Some More!

As a mere blob of grey goo produced in a lab, your goal is to devour all that you can. Candy, coins, bones, bugs, rodents, trees, doesn’t matter. If it can fit into your mass, it can be devoured.

Consume more to increase your size and the absolute number of things you can eat. But beware, many things will be out to get you every step of the way. The world is indeed tasty, but it’s also dangerous.

Play with a time limit for a challenge. Or got at your own pace.
Turn the tables on your enemies! Grow bigger, and today’s petty hindrances and serious threats become tomorrow’s dinner.
Work your way through cunning mazes! Devour what scraps you can to eventually break down the walls imprisoning you!

Foreign and Time-Displaced Cuisine

Even a blob that eats everything has a wide and complicated palate. In order to satisfy it, you’ll be sampling from the masters of flavor all over the world. But thanks to the time machine you’ve eaten, you’ll not only be traveling across space, but time as well!

Visit a wide variety of settings, including ancient Egypt, feudal Japan, the Mesozoic Era, and the messy desk of the grey goo’s irresponsible creators, sampling the likes of mummies, katanas, Tyrannosaurs, and spilled candy all the way!

One thing’s for sure; history’s just not going to be the same anymore!

Dinner for Two

Feel lonely eating history up by yourself? Don’t be! Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds includes a two-player co-op mode. Play side-by-side with a friend controlling his or her own blob, and work together devouring the planet!

Clear out levels with greater efficiency
Open up new pathways for your friend
Provide a distraction for enemies
Engage in some friendly competition to see whose blob can eat more


Is it Worth a Taste?

Featuring colorful graphics that show off a wide variety of characters, enormous levels that give off a great sense of scale, and simple yet addictive gameplay, it’s definitely worth a taste for adventurous gamers of all ages.

If you’re in the need for something that’s more than a little on the wacky side, Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds is just the thing on the menu!

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