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Super Crate Box

Gun Your Way to Those Crates in this Old-School Arcade Game!

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freeware platformer shooter

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
  • File Size - 20.4 MB
  • Play It On - Win XP/Vista/7
  • Game Created By - Vlambeer


Game Description

Prepare to Meet Your New Addiction

In a world of computer games filled with intriguing mysteries and complicated plots, one dares to be simple. Super Crate Box aims to give you challenge, speed and explosive action right at the beginning. You'll jump, dodge and weave past hundreds of enemies as you navigate from one platform to the next picking up crates along the way.

However, you won't just rely on your agility to survive. You'll make use of a ton of awesome weapons that can and will send your foes straight to the sweet hereafter in seconds flat. Super Crate Box has it all; if you're looking for some balls-to-the-walls action that's so fast that it will make your eyes bleed, then keep reading.


Get the Crates

You have two goals in Super Crate Box: survive for as long as possible and grab as many crates as you can. That would be simple enough, except that an unending horde of enemies will continually fall down from the sky and crawl their way to the bottom. You need to avoid or take them out every step of the way, for if one so much as scratches your body, it's over!

  • Collect crates to permanently unlock new weapons and levels as you advance.
  • Look out for small enemies that band together and big ones that take a beating.
  • Beware of floating skulls that hover in every direction.
  • Your weapon changes at random every time you pick up a new crate. Be prepared for anything.
  • Fire is bad! It won't kill your enemies; it will simply enrage them and make them move faster. Kill them before they fall into the flaming pit.

Shoot Them Now!

There's no shortage of ways to get rid of a monster that wants to kill you in Super Crate Box. Weapons come in all shapes and sizes, and every single one of them has a time and place in keeping you alive. Master the weapons, train your trigger finger, and nothing will stop you from getting those crates!


  • Start out with the pistol. It doesn't hit for much, but it's better than nothing.
  • Dual-wield pistols. Shoot in two directions at the same time, taking out everything surrounding you.
  • Pack some heat with a revolver, which should kill most baddies quickly.
  • Blow your enemies up in a fiery explosion with the bazooka.
  • Turn everything into Swiss cheese with the machine gun.
  • Unleash your inner Samurai spirit by cutting foes to ribbons with a katana.
  • Burn everything to ash with the flamethrower.
  • Show them the light with the futuristic laser gun.
  • Lay down some mines to give your "friends" an explosive surprise.
  • And much more!

More Ways to Play

Like any good game, Super Crate Box includes a variety of modes that change the way it plays. Pick your favorite and see if your skills can measure up to the challenge that awaits.

  • Play the Normal mode to experience the original game in its bare and beautiful essentials. Enemies spawn in one location at a constant rate.
  • Unlock SFMT mode to play an even harder game. The more crates you pick up, the faster the enemies spawn.
  • Take on Ambush mode for the ultimate Super Crate Box experience. No place is safe here, for enemies can now appear anywhere on the screen.

Think Inside this Box

Do you want to test your reflexes with a fun and challenging old-school arcade romp? With its simple mechanics, responsive controls, nonstop action, and ridiculous arsenal of weapons, Super Crate Box is the best answer to that question you'll ever find. It's a blast to learn, a journey to master, insurmountably hard to put down, and you can play it for free forever right now!

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Fast Facts

  1. The earliest version of Super Crate Box was released on May 11, 2010.
  2. This game was made by an independent computer game development studio in the Netherlands called Vlambeer.
  3. This is currently a standalone title with no sequels.
  4. Vlambeer's other titles include Karate, Ridiculous Fishing, Yeti Hunter, Gun Godz, and Serious Sam: The Random Encounter.
  5. Super Crate Box has been made available for the PC, Mac, Ouya, PlayStation Vita, iPhone, iPad and even the Commodore 64.
  6. Less than a month after it was released for iOS systems, Game Center statistics showed that over 40 million crates had been collected by players all over the world.
  7. Super Crate Box was released to nearly universal applause. Edge gave it a score of 8 out of 10, Gamezebo gave it a 4 star grade, and TouchArcade designated it as a 5-star game.
  8. Super Crate Box won many accolades. The 2011 Independent Games Festival nominated it for the "Excellence in Design" award, Bytejacker named it "Free Indie Game of the Year" for 2010, Edge designated it as the "Best Free Friday Game" of 2010, and Gamasutra gave it the fifth position on their 2010 "Best Independent Games" list.

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