Suddenly Meow 3

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Suddenly Meow 3

Assist Tim in clearing his name and saving the forest one more time!

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  • File Size - 190 MB
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Game Description

Tim's poster was suddenly torn. Worse, the tranquil farmhouse's rooms had been messed up. And the carpet is unusually damp, with a cat-like odor. Tim would never do such horrors! Someone is attempting to frame him! He and his friend Spooky will set off on a fresh expedition into the eastern woods to find the culprit. They will be thwarted by difficult Match 3 challenges. And when Tim and Spooky go farther into the woods, they'll discover that the plot is far more dangerous than it appeared! Assist Tim in clearing his name and saving the forest once more!


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Fast Facts

  1. 90 Match 3 levels
  2. Double cat puzzle challenges
  3. New items and mechanics
  4. Extended Tim's Hideout
  5. More minigames
  6. Collect stars for more coins

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