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Spooky Dwellers 2 Collector's Edition

Dispatch the eerie occupants from your parents' haunted home!

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Game Description

It's up to you to evict the naughty, creepy occupants that have taken over your parents' home! Take part in a unique Match 3 ghost-hunting adventure. Use sacred talismans' power to drive the eerie occupants off haunted Match 3 boards. Utilize the precious talismans to your advantage as you solve tricky riddles, master exciting minigames, and ultimately drive out the frightening occupants. Also, create a fun playground with a Halloween theme. As you use the light to your advantage and bring harmony back to your parents' home, embark on an exciting journey packed with intrigue. Will you step up to the plate and permanently drive the eerie inhabitants out?


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Fast Facts

  1. 90 levels of Match 3.
  2. Construct a creepy playground.
  3. Hidden object minigames are available.
  4. Swap the memory and puzzle minigames.
  5. Brain-teasing Match 3 challenges are available.
  6. For more coins, collect trophies.

    Collector's Edition Features:
  7. 60 additional Match 3 levels.
  8. More expansive playground area.
  9. Exclusive structures for the playground.
  10. The Spooky Tour at Playground.
  11. Residents of the extra playground who were invited.
  12. The Coin Collector video game.
  13. Tricky Candy is a minigame.
  14. The use of wallpapers.

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