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Spelunky Classic

Descend as Far as You Can Without Dying in these Treacherous Caverns.

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
  • File Size - 9.5 MB
  • Play It On - Win XP/Vista/7
  • Game Created By - Derek Yu


Game Description

Begin Your Descent

A riveting challenge awaits you deep underground. Long labyrinths of caverns stretch as far down as the center of the planet. Anyone courageous or foolish enough to brave this dark place will find many treasures. If you can get out with just a fraction of them in tow, you'll be rich beyond the dreams of avarice!

The key word is "if," for these caverns are also filled with all manner of dangers. There are pitfalls, traps, venomous snakes, aggressive bats, bloodthirsty vampires, primitive ape men, and other horrible things that will promptly release you from this mortal coil if you're not careful.


Do you have what it takes to spelunk in these caves, use your wits and a variety of tools to survive, and get out with all the treasure in the world? With Spelunky, the only way to answer that question is to descend.

A New Way to Spelunk

The object of Spelunky is simple. All you need to do is descend as far down the cavern as you possibly can. Pack a few sandwiches; this is going to be a long trip. There are a lot of things to keep in mind for your journey, as well as a lot of actions you'll need to pull off.

  • Every level is generated randomly. Cavern layouts, enemies, treasures and items are all created on the fly. No two games will ever be the same.
  • Play with the keyboard or attach a gamepad for a more console-like experience.
  • Take out enemies with your trusty whip.
  • Pick up anything that isn't nailed to the ground. Throw them with great force to kill hostile foes without using any precious supplies.
  • Grab an assortment of treasures, including gold, gems, artifacts and crystal skulls. Use them to purchase items from shopkeepers that will help you on your quest.
  • Rescue damsels in distress to increase your health, or sacrifice them at an altar!

Bring the Right Tools for the Job

You're going to need more than just your whip and dashing hat if you want to live to tell the tales of your adventures in Spelunky. Luckily, observant spelunkers will find a variety of interesting items littered all over the cavern. There are a lot of ways they can assist you, provided you're creative enough to imagine them.

  • Cast ropes off of ledges to safely climb from one area to the next.
  • Set off bombs to kill multiple enemies at once, or to destroy walls and give you more places to progress through.
  • Use the parachute to safely drop down long chasms or hazard-ridden pits.
  • Improve the height of your jump with a pair of Spring Shoes.
  • Dig your own tunnels with the mattlock.
  • Blow enemies away from a distance with a bow, pistol or shotgun.
  • Come back from the dead with the rare and powerful Ankh.
  • And much more!

The Many Deaths of You

Dying is as inevitable in Spelunky as it is anywhere else. It's not a matter of "if," but "when." Don't let that deter you; death is all a part of the learning experience. Just about everything in the cave can kill you, so proceed with only the utmost caution.


  • Death is permanent. When you die, your game is finished and you'll have to start all over again. Be careful!
  • Kill or avoid dozens of different enemies, including snakes, bats, spiders, poisonous frogs, cavemen, skeletons, sasquatches and more.
  • Be wary of traps. Avoid setting off arrow traps, look out for boulders, and so on.
  • Don't fall too far. It can hurt.
  • Take care not to anger the shopkeepers. They're well-armed and unforgiving of thieves.
  • Move fast. If you don't find the exit quickly, then the Ghost will come and get you!
  • Check out your high scores every time a game ends or begins.


If you're looking for a unique challenge, then Spelunky is an excellent game to add to your library. With amazing platforming action and randomly-generated environments, the replay value is through the roof. Every game you start is going to be a completely new experience. No matter how often you die, chances are high that you'll come back for more just to see if you can do even better next time.

There's a whole lot of value to be found in Spelunky that's worth more than all the gold stashed away in its cavernous halls. Despite that, it's 100 percent free! If you want to experience a game that harkens back to the olden days where skill was rewarded, then dive into the dark world of Spelunky right this instant.

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Fast Facts

  1. The free version of Spelunky was released in a finished state on September 1, 2009.
  2. The game is the creation of Derek Yu, an acclaimed independent game developer.
  3. There are effectively two versions of Spelunky. Besides the original freeware game, there is also the HD remake.
  4. Other games that Yu has developed include Eternal Daughter and Aquaria.
  5. Spelunky is available for the PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox 360.
  6. Spelunky proved to be so popular, that it was given an HD remake and sold as a commercial product in 2012.
  7. The game won the Award for Excellence in Design in the 2012 Independent Games Festival.
  8. PC Gamer named Spelunky as its Game of the Year in 2013.
  9. Spelunky has a collective score of 90 on Metacritic.

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