Solitaire Legend of the Pirates

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Solitaire Legend of the Pirates

Become a true master of the seas!

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Game Description

Dive into the very heart of the Caribbean sea! You can become a legendary pirate by playing Solitaire Legend of the Pirates!

What does a pirate need? A true pirate always needs gold... and more gold! Get your hands on coveted pirate treasures by solving all the deals! Get behind the wheel of your own ship and head out in search of adventure alongside Captain Hook! Many puzzles await you, but you'll take care of them with ease, courageous captain!


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Fast Facts

  1. Outwit the Kraken - complete 120 levels in multiple difficulties!
  2. Immerse yourself in a piratical tale with themed trophies and rewards!
  3. Explore 12 mysterious locations on your own pirate ship!
  4. Obtain and use different bonuses to help you with each level

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