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The Classic Card Game Gone Wild in Paradise in Skip-Bo - Castaway Caper!

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Game Description

Appease the Powerful Volcano

The island looked seemingly deserted when your ship washed ashore, but you quickly discover that this isn't the case and the inhabitants aren't all too happy. Your presence has angered the Great Volcano and the only way to make things right is to face off against the islanders in a series of challenges involving the tribe's favorite game, Skip-Bo.

You'll have to succeed at 10 different tribal challenges involving 4 matches of this timeless game, and you have to beat every opponent to win.


Classic Skip-Bo Action

The rules are the same as when you were a kid, but if you haven't experienced this classic card game then you might need a little help. Each player is dealt 30 stock cards and the object of the game is to get rid of all of these cards before your opponent. This is done by using these card in conjunction with your 5 card hand and your four discard piles to make up the four "building piles" which are built by cards numbering from 1 to12. There are also wild Skip-Bo cards scattered throughout the deck.

If that isn't enough there is an easy tutorial and it's pretty simple once you start playing. But you don't only get to enjoy the regular classic mode, there is also a speed mode where you play short 10-card hands and Team Skip-Bo where you get to use a computer teammates cards, as well as your own, against another two player team of computer players.

Family Friendly Card Game

Skip-Bo - Castaway Caper provides an entertaining card game experience that is great for all ages. The simple rules and crisp interface make it easy for even those who have never played the game before to jump right in and quickly join in the fun.


With no real time pressure and a select number of strategies, Skip-Bo presents relaxing, elementary gameplay.

If you like Skip-Bo or just card games in general, download Skip-Bo - Castaway Caper today!

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