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Ski Resort Extreme

Fulfill your dream of designing and running the ultimate ski resort!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Graphics are phenomenal.
  • Building interesting and clearly marked ski runs is fun and easy to do.
  • Resale value of resort and buildings is reflective of condition and popularity.
  • Helpful and concise tutorial explains the basics of the game, while allowing you to figure specifics out by yourself.


  • You are unable to test the rides you create as a skier or snowboarder.
  • Cannot take out loans from a bank or buy on credit making it difficult to initially build your resort.
  • Many of the guests' complaints initially cannot be fixed (complaining about snow).




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Game Description

Create the ultimate winter playground!

Do you love skiing, snow boarding, and tubing?  Think you can make a better resort than the one you are using?

If so, you need to download Ski Resort Extreme and take a shot at the design and management of a first class resort. 


Attract a diverse group of skiers and snowboarders looking for some sub-zero action. Create bunny slopes for timid first-timers or double black diamond suicide runs for the seasoned daredevils. Fire up the lights for bone-chilling night time skiing and build the ultimate glacial getaway!

Ski Resort Extreme gives you a ton to do

  • Build over 80 structures and objects - hotels, lifts, ski schools, skating rinks, hot tubs, snow-makers, and more colorful 3D environments!
  • Avalanche!  Watch out for disaster and maintain your buildings and landscapes to keep people happy.
  • Test your management mettle with a variety of challenges for all skill levels
  • Experience unlimited replayability in Instant Action mode
  • Make your own wintery wonderlands with the Map editor

Awesome graphics!

Ski Resort Extreme does a great job of providing detailed graphics of your resort and the people using it.  Zoom in to watch first hand one of your visitors cruise down your slopes or ride a lift.  Zoom in on your lodge and other buildings.  The quality of the 3D visuals will take you by surprise.

Put your design and finance skills to the test in a game that is not only fun, but you actually might learn a thing or two about running a resort!

Ski Resort Extreme Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

Ski Resort Extreme is a simulation game packed with features that place you in control of building, managing, and maintaining your very own ski resort. You design the runs, you build the lodge, and you hire the staff. The success of the lodge and the happiness of the customers are in your hands.

3 Ways to Play

Starting out, you are presented with three options of play. You can take on the “challenge” mode, begin play in the “instant action” mode, or for those just starting out, play the “tutorial” mode. Though the controls of this game are similar to other simulation games, the tutorial mode offers a quick explanation of the game's basics. This concise explanation of the layout and gameplay is simple and allows you to figure out more specific and strategic elements of the game.


The “instant action” mode is essentially this game's free play. In it you are allotted an amount of money based on your desired difficulty, and you build a resort from scratch. Instant action begins with only the mountain and it becomes your responsibility to build everything—runs, lodges, parking lot, etc. Once your design is complete, open your runs and watch the money pour in.

The third option of play is challenge mode, which presents you with varying scenarios and objectives. This mode includes possible objectives such as trying to draw over 100 guests within a 15 day period, or resurrecting a failing resort that's teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

Bottom Line - Make Money!

Each of these modes have commonalities even though they are distinct. As a resort owner, regardless of mode, it is your job to increase the net worth of your mountain through enticing customers who will spend money. To do this you must constantly maintain and improve your resort. You can do this in many ways, including building more and better runs, adding more entertainment venues, or improving your guests' lodging.

There are over 80 structures to build, including hot tubs for the bitter cold days and “ski school” for beginner skiers and snowboarders. These structures are great additions to your resort and keep your patrons happy. Advertising is also another feature of the game that is important to get people on your slopes. You can buy billboards that will bring in a steady cash flow or you can place ads in the papers, on the radio, or on television. These ads are pricey, but hit a variety of clientele, ranging from the wealthy and ready to spend skiers to the more frugal boarders.

Good Graphics

Aesthetically the game's graphics are sharp, colorful, and surprisingly detailed. This detail is especially noticeable when you zoom in to a first person view. Zooming in changes your perspective so that you can see the park as your patrons do. Minute details like a trash pile or the designs on skis or snowboards become apparent and the game's graphical strengths are really exhibited.

A Few Minor Flaws

Though they are not very significant this game does have a few minor flaws. It would be nice to see a “ride your run” feature in this game. So much of your park's success hinges on the quality and quantity of your runs, but you never get to ride them. Other games of this particular genre have this feature, allowing you to carve down the mountain with both skiers and snowboarders. This would be a great addition for this game, especially because of the sharp and colorful graphics from the first person point-of-view.


Another annoyance of the game is the inability to get a loan or buy items on credit. Financial backing would be nice when starting out, especially when you need to advertise and expand your park, which is difficult to do with such limited funds. In addition to these small drawbacks you might find yourself getting annoyed with the customer complaints. While annoying they can sometimes be useful clues letting you know what your park needs and lacks.

Conclusion - Good Ski Resort Management Sim

Overall, Ski Resort Extreme is a game for all ages and users. Whether you are a casual, “bunny slope” style player looking for a relaxing good time, or a “double black diamond” player looking for a strategy game that will provide you with hours of entertainment, this game is for you. Have fun building your resort and enjoy this aesthetically pleasing and very entertaining ski simulation game.

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