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Send Boredom Packing Now With This Creative Blend of Zoo Simulation and Match Three Gaming

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Interesting and unique mix of match 3 and simulation
  • Build up your zoo with supplies earned in match 3 action
  • Unlock new animals, decorations, and buildings to make your zoo even better
  • Race against the clock to complete levels or play without any time limit
  • Colorful and cartoony graphics


  • Zoo simulation somewhat basic, can easily be ignored
  • May not be challenging enough for some players




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Game Description

Build Your Dream Zoo in This Creative Game!

Your grandpa left you the beginnings of the greatest zoo in the world. Can you buy animals, exhibits, plants and more to create the most beautiful and popular zoo in the world?

An Exciting Blend of Match Three and Simulation

This innovative match three game blends zoo simulation with various types of match three gaming. Build your zoo however you want with many types of animals, vegetation and interesting buildings like the zoo academy and food vendors. There's no penalty for rearranging your zoo so be as creative as you want!


To make money and earn materials to build and maintain your zoo play match three games. If you make a match of three or more of the same tile, such as three bananas, then you earn that resource. You can swap tiles diagonally so you'll almost never get stuck!

Each match three level has unique objectives, including collecting a series of boxes that contain trees for your zoo, helping an animal move across the board by making matches in front of it, making matches over all path pieces to earn them for your zoo and much more.


Enjoy Endless Hours of Zoo Building and Match Three!

This game blends match three and zoo simulation very well because the better you do in match three levels the better animals and buildings you can buy for your zoo to improve its popularity. This blend will keep you busy strategizing for endless hours, and with so much to do and the cute animals to watch you won't get bored!

Help grandpa build his dream zoo now with Simplz: Zoo!

Simplz Zoo Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Brandon

Simulation and Match 3 Mix

Simplz Zoo is an entertaining game that is a unique mix of simulation and match 3 gameplay. You are in charge of a zoo and need to improve it so that it can become the #1 zoo in the world.

You'll need to add new attractions, buildings, and decorations to improve your zoo and attract more people. You earn the materials for your zoo from match 3 action, with better play earning more resources. You can do match 3 levels with or without a timer depending on your preference. Add in the colorful and cartoony graphics, and you've got a great game (especially for kids).


Earn Resources to Improve Your Zoo

In Simplz Zoo, the zoo is maintained with staff and buildings are created from supplies collected when playing the match 3 levels. Money, food, construction materials, staff, decorations, and new animals can all be earned by making matches.

The match 3 levels consist of a large grid full of items representing these supplies (meat for food, hard hat for staff, etc). You match these items in groups of 3 or more and earn supplies you can use to improve your zoo. You make matches by swapping items until they form the groups of 3 or more. Items can be swapped with other items in any direction so long as they are adjacent and the swap will create a match.

Additionally, you'll unlock powerups in the game that can be used to change the types of items in the grid, or remove them all together. You'll earn bonus points and supplies for larger or consecutive matches. Between each match 3 level, you'll be able to purchase new buildings and animals to draw more people to your zoo and improve its ranking. Your goal is to eventually become the #1 zoo in the world.

The only downside to the zoo element is that the simulation isn't really all that important and has minimal impact when it comes to the match 3 games. You could completely ignore it if you wanted, although it does provide goals for some players to work towards.

Levels Vary

The levels in the game all have different layouts, obstacles, and goals for you to take on. Some levels have locked items that need to be matched before they can be moved. Others require you to make matches to guide new decorations to the bottom of the grid, or guide new animals to a certain tile on the grid. Levels require different amounts of supplies to beat as well. The changing goals add some variety and makes each level unique.

No Difficulty Settings

One drawback to the game is the lack of difficulty settings. The match 3 gameplay can be fairly easy, especially for more experienced players, and there's little you can do to make it more challenging or interesting. You can turn on a timer for each level so that you have to deal with a time limit, but even that may not be enough. Additionally, it's likely more advantageous to play without the timer so that you can earn more supplies per level. Difficulty options could have added some real difficulty for more skilled players.

Easy to Use Controls

Like other similar match 3 games, the controls for the game are simple and easy to learn. The only thing you need to do for the match 3 gameplay is match supplies and make use of your various powerups, which can be done via clicking the mouse. All of the zoo interaction is also done with the mouse. The game is also chock full of helpful tips along the way to get you started and guide you.

Fun Cartoon Graphics

One positive aspect of the game is the colorful and cartoony graphics. They don't look amazing when it comes to the zoo simulation, but they don't detract from that portion of the game either. The graphics for the match 3 levels look good and are on par with those of other match 3 games. The music doesn't stand out in any way, but doesn't really take away from the game at all. When it comes to the presentation, this is another part of the game that kids would especially enjoy.


Conclusion - A Fun, Addicting, And Creative Mix of Game Types Make Simplz Zoo a Winner

If you're looking for fast-paced and exciting match 3 action, Simplz Zoo might be just the game for you. It has a few minor issues like a lack of difficulty settings, but has many more positive points as well. The simple gameplay and controls make it an easy game for players of any skill level to learn and get into.

This game brings a unique mix of match 3 and zoo simulation as you use supplies earned from match 3 play to build and improve your zoo. You can unlock all sorts of new buildings, animals, decorations, and more. You can race against the clock or play at your own pace. This is a thrilling and addictive game that would be suitable for players of all ages, but especially enjoyable for kids.

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