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With Good Customer Service, Save Your Favorite Department Store from the Bulldozer in Shop-n-Spree!

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Game Description

Shop for a Good Cause!

Good customer service is always the best part about a store-that is, until the Super Store opened with its poor customer service and stole the customers from the friendly local department store! And now the boss of the Super Store wants to buy out the local store, bulldoze it and put in a parking lot!

You can't let this happen! It's your turn to take charge of the local department store and show some great customer service by giving each customer exactly what he or she needs in this addictive shopping game.


The Ultimate Blend of Time Management and Hidden Object Games!

You'll be in charge of a different department of the store for each round and you must make a certain amount of money within a time limit. When customers arrive they'll tell you what they want and it's up to you to find items ranging from file cabinets to cacti to cardigans in the sometimes messy store.

Watch out as some customers have long lists or need certain items in a small amount of time; finding different objects can be a challenge with all the specifications these customers have!

After every few rounds you can play mini games to earn more hints. Fun mini games include finding matches among groups of merchandise, restocking the department by replacing items into the picture and finding the differences between two pictures.


Incredibly Addicting and Entertaining!

This game is an amazing blend of two fun game types and something a lot of people love to do: shopping! The graphics are attractive and the game is absolutely addicting as you race against time to remember exactly where you saw those pink slippers or that red desk lamp the customer wants. Many hours of potential boredom will disappear in a heartbeat once you get hooked on Shop-n-Spree.

Now is a great time to go shopping-show them what good customer service is all about!

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Gameplay Video

View a collection of gameplay highlights featuring the unique mix of hidden object and time management game types found in this shopping excursion.

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