Secret Investigations Heritage

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Secret Investigations Heritage

Solve the mysterious crimes and to expose the insidious criminals! In Secret Investigations Heritage

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
  • File Size - 1830 MB
  • Play It On - Windows 7 or better


Game Description

Addictive and exciting multilevel game for all fans of detective stories, adventures and hidden object mysteries. Detective job requires certain skills such as logical thinking, paying attention to details, having a sharp eye for noticing clues, etc. If you want to test your detective skills, you have to search for the items that are hidden in the screen. If you manage to find all the needed items in the game, then you are on the right way to reveal the mystery behind the case. Thrilling plot, plenty of unique levels with picturesque scenery and quality graphics are the main feature of the game!


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Fast Facts

  1. More than 500 beautiful Hidden object scenes
  2. 18 Achievements
  3. Attractive characters with their life stories
  4. More than 10 hours of gameplay

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