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Remy Thornfield: Royal Dreams

An amazing match-3 adventure to save Princess Isolde from a terrible spell in Ironhelm.

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Game Description

In this engrossing match-3 adventure set in the magical realm of Ironhelm, embark on an incredible trip. Play as the courageous farmer turned hero Remy Thornfield, who sets out to protect his beloved Princess Lady Isolde from a wicked spell that threatens the realm. Discover new locations, solve riddles, and become an expert at difficult puzzles while you make allies, face enemies, and bring love back in this gripping story of bravery and destiny. Are you prepared to accompany Remy on his journey to lift the curse and be with his true love again?


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Fast Facts

  1. Epic Journey: Go on an adventure full of turns and turns through a variety of sceneries.
  2. Uncover the mystery surrounding Remy's ancestry and the evil forces endangering Ironhelm.
  3. Difficult Puzzles: Put your abilities to the test with sly opponents and tactical gaming.
  4. Forming Alliances: Assemble a team and find allies to help you on your journey.
  5. Love Restored: In this story of love and sacrifice, break the curse and make Lady Isolde whole again.

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