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RedLynx Trials 2 SE

Complete Crazy Courses on Your Motorcycle!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Difficulty increases as you progress so anyone can play.
  • Obstacles can be completed in a number of ways.
  • Online ranking system lets you see how you compare to others.
  • Over 60 tracks to play on.


  • Only one motorcycle to ride.
  • Linear tracks reduce the difficulty.




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Game Description

Make it Through Sticky Situations on Two Wheels

RedLynx Trials 2 Special Edition gives you control of a motorcycle. Feel the power as you jump obstacles, burn rubber and zoom your way to glory to achieve victory on each tough course!


Use the arrow keys to tackle indoor obstacle courses with as few faults as possible and as fast as possible. Take on various courses in various modes to obtain the 25 available achievements.

A Realistic Motorcycle Adventure!

The detailed courses feature logs, truck tires, horizontal ladders, metal ramps, jumps over pipes and scaffolding. Can you make it through all the increasingly more difficult courses?

RedLynx Trials 2 features a physics model that lets you experience every bump, jump and mistake. This means that you are in complete control of every move and it may take a few times to make each move accurate. It also means total freedom to complete each course your way.


Come on, Live a Little!

This game features four game modes including race, flip, wheelie and dynamic and three difficulty levels. This makes Trials 2 accommodating to players of all skill levels and experience. This game will provide endless hours of high-powered entertainment and test your reflexes to the extreme!

If you think you can handle the adrenaline rush, then achieve motorcycling glory now in RedLynx Trials 2 Special Edition!

RedLynx Trials 2 SE Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Mick

Trials 2 SE offers high flying motorcycle obstacle challenges. Your job is to navigate the various courses without dumping the rider. You will be navigating jumps, loops, stair stepped hanging logs and even vertical walls. Compete for the best time with players the world over.

Excitebike for the 21st Century

The tracks are linear in this game so your only job is to accelerate, brake and lean the appropriate direction. Tracks are available in the standard “easy to hard” rating as well as specific trick tracks. You must ride your motorcycle up ramps, down hills and even land on a barrel that only has room for your back tire. The tracks vary in composition but include tires, ladders, scaffolding, and dirt piles. You can also compete for the most flips, the longest wheelie and navigate tracks that are made up of objects that move when you ride on them.


Flips, Ramps, and Moving Obstacles

In Flip mode there are extremely high jumps that allow you to perform seemingly endless backflips. In Wheelie mode your goal is to ride the longest continuous wheelie possible on the track. Dynamic mode is similar to the regular tracks but with one key difference, the track changes as you ride it. Ramps slide down or fall over, barrels tumble down on top of you, landings are boards balanced on top of other boards. Over 60 tracks are available and more are on the way. New tracks are added to the game as they are developed.

Simple Controls But Tough Challenge

Controlling the character is simple. The arrow keys are the primary controls: accelerate, brake, lean forward and lean back. Also available is a reset button for when you crash and need to move back to the last checkpoint. Don't let the simple controls fool you though. While the controls are simple, navigating the tracks can be incredibly difficult even for the top gamers.

The graphics are very well done. The levels are very detailed and all the aspects are included. The actual track consists of realistically detailed items like tractor tires and scaffolding. All the intricate detail adds to the experience as you work your way through the tracks.


Customized Handling Would Be Nice

One limitation of Trials 2 SE is the lack of customizable motorcycles and riders. While allowing only one motorcycle keeps online competition fair, you also can't customize the appearance of your bike and rider. While speed is unnecessary, better handling and shocks could make navigating the tracks easier, or allow for better tricks to be performed.

Conclusion - A Fun Stunt Motorcycle Racer

The goal is simple, get from point A to point B, everything in between is a completely different story. Perfecting your skills to shorten your time and get that coveted top spot on the leader board, squeaking out just one extra backflip or even just making it through the course are just a few of the things that make this game great. Challenging and entertaining obstacles await in Trials 2 SE.

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