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Real Estate Empire 2

The Better Your Strategy for Flipping Houses, the Bigger Fortune You'll Make

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Thought provoking game that requires a great deal of business strategy.
  • New rental system allows you to make money on your homes before you sell them.
  • Offers for both buying and selling homes are fair and reasonable.
  • Game is great sequel to its predecessor Real Estate Empire.


  • The mortgage on your properties is due before you collect rent, which may lead to a foreclosure even though you have money coming in.
  • The housing market is fixed. The prices and values of homes do not shift with the economy.




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Game Description

Flip Houses to Get Rich!

Can you flip houses like a pro? Become a real estate mogul and get rich-if you can get your real estate business off the ground at all!

Enjoy this standalone sequel to Real Estate Empire with new features like the ability to rent and great graphics.


A Realistic Simulation

The goal is to buy houses cheap and rent them out to make money for upgrades and renovations, then sell high. Be careful who you rent to because some tenants have bad renting history and will destroy your houses, costing you a fortune in repairs!

How you make your money is up to you because you can set the rent and selling prices of your houses. The asking prices of houses for sale will change over time so you can strategize about when to buy.

Each level has objectives that must be accomplished in a certain number of months, like buy three houses, upgrade them and sell them so that your net worth increases to $200 thousand. Enjoy more than 30 levels in four different scenarios. Deal with five types of tenants and many types of houses, from trailers to mansions!


Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master

This is a great real estate game because you can pick it up and play with the help of a short tutorial! The simulation is realistic but not overwhelming so you can develop strategies as you play without getting frustrated. Then you can replay your favorite scenarios to get even richer!

Become a real estate mogul now with Real Estate Empire 2.

Real Estate Empire 2 Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

Real Estate Empire 2 is a property trading game that is centered around profit. This game is the sequel to the older Real Estate Empire, but the elements of this game are new and improved. If you liked the original version of the game you will love this. Many aspects of the game remain the same, like the buying and selling homes, yet this version is more interesting, addicting, and complete. 

Strategic Buying and Selling

Real Estate Empire 2 is a great simulation game for several reasons, the main being its intrigue. The idea of selling properties for a profit is interesting and the strategy surrounding the process is fascinating. You will need to make plans and execute them effectively in order to succeed. Strategies will often consist of taking an initial loss on some properties in an attempt to reap greater rewards later in the game. This element of strategy along with the ability to make fast money through intelligent and thought out business plans makes the game great, resulting in its intrigue.


Several Scenarios to Play

This game starts with an option to choose your scenario. At this point you get to decide where you want to sell real estate and to what degree—starting off small in the suburbs of New Jersey and then eventually making it to Manhattan, is one option. Each scenario offers around 30 levels. This large combination of options makes the game playable for many hours and re-playable if you do happen to beat the game and wish to start again.

Within each scenario and level is a list of objectives you need to complete in a given time period. The times range from about 12 to 24 months. In this time you need to buy as many properties as you can to build your total net worth.

More Income Opportunities

Once you buy a property you are given two options. This game, unlike the first, offers a rental feature that allows you to rent your homes out for the month. Renting will bring you a nice monthly salary and its quick paced, buy low and rent high nature, makes it a very fun feature. However, property renting can at times be frustrating due to poor tenants that require heavy maintenance. Use the renting feature to earn enough money to buy multiple properties.

The second option you have as a home owner is to sell your home. Upgrading and investing in your homes will increase the value, thus making selling your homes more lucrative. Buying a house at a low price, fixing it up, and then selling it at a higher price is a great way to make quick and easy money.

An Improvement Over the Original Game

As far as gameplay and enjoyability are concerned, Real Estate Empire 2 is easier to use and more fun than its predecessor. This version offers multiple difficulties, which the first version did not. Also, the buying and selling of properties is much easier and the offers you will receive are reasonable and fair, unlike the first game. The rental feature, which was not a part of the first, is also great and makes the game more lifelike. Your monthly salary is derived from your rent, rather than your job title like in the first game. This again adds to the realism and overall quality.


A Couple Downers

One element of the game that is lost in this version is the fluctuating housing market. Having a keen sense of when to buy and when to sell is not as crucial in this sequel. Also, another drawback which can lead to frustration is that your mortgage is due before you collect rent. This means you lose money before you earn it each month. If your money is tight and spread out over several houses this may lead to foreclosure, even though once you receive the rent you will be able to pay the mortgage.

Conclusion - A Real Estate Strategy Winner

Overall, Real Estate Empire 2's ease of use, rental features, and strategic elements make this a game you will want to play. The long and abundant levels will provide you with hours of enjoyment, and the lifelike trading elements will keep you intrigued. Whether you are a casual gamer looking for a fun simulation game or a knowledgeable real estate developer, this game is for you.

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