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Port Royale 2

Can You Become So Successful At Building a 17th Century Shipping Empire That Even Pirates and Politics Are No Match for You?

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Mini games are a great break from the simulation style of play.
  • Large and complex game adds to the realism.
  • Multiple game settings make game endlessly re-playable.


  • Complex nature makes figuring out the game difficult.
  • Objectives are not always clearly labeled so you might find yourself wandering the open ocean without clear instruction.




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Game Description

Be the Most Successful in the Most Adventurous Place on Earth

Take the Caribbean by force, charm or riches and fight to the death with pirates, sailors and more! Wage political warfare, trade and build to get rich, become a pirate and much more as you work your way up in the ranks from a humble sailor to the biggest fish in the Caribbean!

You Choose How the Game Goes

In this simulation game, you can choose to become a trader, pirate, bounty hunter, business owner and much more. Build and run businesses and buy goods in port cities, complete quests, battle from your ship or engage in one-on-one duels, test your wits against the shrewdest politicians and much more. The possibilities are endless in this open-ended adventure!


To play, buy ships to add to your convoy and travel between port cities. Click on various buildings and talk to people to get started on the adventure of your choosing. What happens next is up to you! Play Scenario mode to complete objectives or enjoy Sandbox mode for endless fun!

A Realistic and Replayable Adventure

While this game is complex, that makes it all the more realistic. When you trade, it affects the prices of future items, and once you enter the world of politics you'll have to bring every skill you have or you'll end up in the dust. With so much to do, this realistic and adventure-packed game will keep you busy, and since each game can be a completely new experience, you can replay this game endlessly!

Rule the Caribbean now with Port Royale 2!

Port Royale 2 Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

Port Royale 2 is a 16th century trading game that will have you traveling from port to port searching for the most booty. You will start as a sailor in the Caribbean and through trading, pirating, and capitalizing on the political system, you will climb the ranks and become the top dog. Port Royale 2 is an interactive and strategy rich simulation that will keep you entertained.

Choose Your Destiny

One element of this game that sets it apart from others in its genre is the “choose your game” option. At the start of the game you get to choose your own adventure. You can become a trader, pirate, bounty hunter, or business owner among other things. You can also choose your style of defense while sailing, the size of ship you have, the level of difficulty, and at which port you start. These multiple game settings make each time you play a new adventure with endless possibilities.


Essential Tutorial

The complex nature of Port Royale 2 makes playing through the tutorial at least once important. This guide tells you the ins-and-outs of the game while also providing you with resources you can use which will offer you help if you get stuck.

Buying and Selling For Profit...

Port Royale 2 is essentially a port trading game that has you buy goods from one port and then trade them to others at a higher price. The goods each port needs are labeled on the map, so you can easily buy low and sell high. Building your net worth makes you move up in the ranks, taking you closer to your goal as the biggest fish in the Caribbean. This game takes a lot of tactics and strategy. You will need to have a clear plan in order to be successful.

...Or Gamble Your Way To Riches

Mini games are another small element of the game that are fun. One of the games, “Pirate-Trump” is a trump card game that has you gambling for a way to make money. You might run into this game at the different inns you frequent, and through the 5,000 dollar bets, you can make a substantial income.

Complexity Will Scare Some Off

Ironically, some of the things that make this game great can also be drawbacks. This game is complex, which is good if you have time. However, if you are unable to devout several hours to figuring out all of Port Royale 2's basics, playing will be more of a chore than something fun. While the difficulty of the game can be a positive, sometimes the game seems too hard and solutions do not easily present themselves. You might find yourself stranded in the open water with no clue of what to do or no idea how to do it. Sometimes it can be too difficult trying to figure the game out without constant help.


Conclusion - A Deep and Satisfying Game for Those Who Take the Time to Learn

Overall, Port Royale 2 is a game you should definitely consider. Play the tutorial and get the gist of the game. Understand that you might not fully grasp the game after only the one hour trial, and look at the game objectively. This game has so much to offer and so much potential.

Whether you are a fan of piracy or just simulation games, this will keep you entertained and is worth more than the measly five dollars the full version costs.

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