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Pizza Frenzy

Think fast on your feet to deliver the right pizza to the right house!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Unique premise and well-done storyline make the game stand out from others in the category.
  • Three different modes of play offer a variety of gameplay and a reason to play again.
  • Global high score list allows you to see where you rank in the world.
  • Different customer types with unique attributes keep the game fresh and fun.


  • Low level of difficulty could make it boring quickly.
  • Gameplay is repetitive, even in the different modes.




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Game Description

The Stromboli family needs your help! Join Lorenzo, Paula, and the whole Stromboli clan to bring their age-old pizza recipe to the hungry masses and deliver pizzas as fast as possible. That's Pizza Frenzy!

Can you keep up with the demand for their gourmet pizza pies? Test your reflexes and scanning ability in the quick-clicking Speed mode. Want to boost your memory skills? Memory mode will do just that!


  • "I love this game! It is a fun, fast-paced game. I enjoy games like this, ones that keep you on your toes. It is similar to Diner Dash and Betty's Beer. Very fast-paced, the faster the better!" - Raemonda C.

If you can keep the customers happy and cash in big combos, you'll unlock new pizza toppings, exotic locales, and crazy new customers. Don't deliver to the thief or he will steal your money. The gossip will change all the orders to hers so you can get more frenzies. Plus many more great customers to find!

  • "I really enjoyed this game because it was simple for me to understand, but not boring like simple games usually are. I loved making my own pizzas, and all the little random infos given between levels were really great as well." - Avital K.

With 3 unique game modes, over 30 unlockable toppings, plus tons of levels and cities, Pizza Frenzy is a delicious break for everyone.

Pizza Frenzy Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Hillary

The life of a pizza delivery person is an intriguing one, full of excitement and mystery. Pizza Frenzy lets you experience this life firsthand, without ever having to leave your computer chair! You are tasked with assisting the Stromboli family's rise to fame as the greatest pizza makers ever. Along the way, you will encounter many different types of customers with unique attributes, journey to the far corners of the world to bring good pizza to those who are without it, and earn new toppings to serve to your hungry customers. Pizza Frenzy is a lot of fun for beginners and experienced players alike.

Revive the Stromboli Pizza Brand

The Stromboli family used to be famous for their pizzas, but with the invention of the assembly line they were driven into obscurity. Now it is up to you to help them make and deliver delicious pizzas all over the world to help them become famous again. In each town, customers will pop up with an icon indicating what type of pizza they would like. You must click on their order, then click again on the kitchen that makes the type of pizza they would like, before they get angry and hang up the phone, costing you money and reputation.


Pizza Delivery Management

Apparently the Stromboli family has never figured out how to get one kitchen to make more than one type of pizza, so you will have to pay close attention to the orders and what kitchen they need to go to. To begin with you will only have two pizza kitchens, so keeping up with orders is not that difficult. If you are able to get five orders of the same kind of pizza in a row, you will gain a “pizza frenzy” score multiplier that gives you a big bonus. In the lower levels this doesn't happen often, but you don't really need it to pass the level.

Play Can Get Repetitive

The gameplay can get pretty repetitive, because you are completing the same action over and over. Pizza frenzy has some elements that try to combat this, such as different modes of play and unique customer types. The three modes are Speed Mode (your typical task-management mode), Memory Mode and Simon Says Mode.

Memory Mode shows you a few customer orders, then their orders are replaced by question marks. You must remember what each customer ordered and deliver them the correct pizza. Simon Says Mode is very similar, but you must remember in what order the requests were received in addition to what they ordered. These different modes help with the repetitive nature of the game by offering different ways to play, but they are all rather similar and eventually become pretty repetitious and boring.


Not Challenging For Experienced Task Management Players

The other reason the game could be boring is the low level of difficulty. This may be good for inexperienced players, but those with a little task-management experience under their belts will probably find Pizza Frenzy tediously easy. The different customer types are supposed to help with this, but since they usually have attributes that help you, the only one that really makes a difference is the burglar. If you click on his order he will steal your money and lower your reputation, so you must click on the police station when arrives. Unfortunately this is not very difficult because his appearance is associated with a warning sound effect, making it easy to identify when they burglar is near.

Conclusion - One of the Earliest Task Management Games and Fairly Basic

Pizza Frenzy does offer mostly good elements, including a global high score list so you can compare your success with other Pizza Frenzy addicts around the world. The different modes of play give some variety to the game and the different customer types offer a little uniqueness and fun to gameplay. However, the low level of difficulty won't be attractive to serious task-management fans, and even with the different modes gameplay becomes tedious and repetitive. In general though, Pizza Frenzy is an entertaining play and worth the download.

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