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Phenomenon: Meteorite

Discover the secrets of your past on a mystical island!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
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  • Play It On - Windows XP or better


Game Description

Discover the extraordinary truth about your family’s past in Phenomenon: Meteorite! Twenty years ago, your parents left you on the doorstep of a kind family and fled for their lives into the pouring rain. Now you’ve been given a clue to their whereabouts – an uncharted island, where a strange meteorite landed centuries ago. What secrets does the island hold about you and your family? Find out in this stunning Hidden Object Adventure game!


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Fast Facts

  1. Explore gorgeous Meteorite Island
  2. Replayable word-association mini-game
  3. Awesome graphics
  4. Thrilling plot and dazzling adventure

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